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Win a CryptoSteel

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The owner of Cryptosteel has very Kindly donated a Cryptosteel to The Bit Forum for us to give away in a forum competition.

For those that don't know what Cryptosteel is, it is a physical way of storing your backup seed (or another password etc) to protect it from damage and fire. It is a great way to store your Trezor/Ledger backup password. If your Trezor/Ledger is damaged in a fire and your paper backup seed also with it then you will have lost your crypto funds forever, so storing your backup seed on a crypto steel will keep your seed secure.

There are several different models, the one needed to backup your Trezor/Ledger is the Cryptosteel MNEMONIC, each side stores 12 backup words (as only there first 4 characters of each word is needed.) So the total of 24 backup words can be stored on one Cryptosteel.


We are giving one of these away with FREE shipping wordwide to one lucky winner on The Bit Forum.

To enter:

Comment with the latest number below, i.e. the first person would write 1, and the second person 2 etc. Join our telegram prize announcement channel to be kept unto date with the latest prize draws on The Bit Forum: https://t.me/thebitforumWIN

Your entry should look something like this:

Ticket number 1

The competition will be drawn sometime in March. A ticket will then be drawn at random, to be eligible to win the prize the winning member must have signed into the forum within the last week of when the draw is done, and also have a post and/or reputation* count of 3+ (this is to ensure the prize goes to an active member of the community) new members are encouraged to post a welcome message in the welcome new members section found here. Entry is FREE.

*a reputation point is any positive reaction to a post you have made, e.g. someone presses the "like" or "thank you" reaction on your post. Note that also just posting on the forum will count towards the min post/or reputation requirement.

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    Prize draw will be drawn soon.

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