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Quickstart tip for friends and family

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Most of my close friends and family are so confused by the entire BLOCKCHAIN / BITCOIN / CRYPTO revolution.

Trying to explain the correlations between all can be quite overwhelming to most people.

I did not want my closest circle to miss this opportunity which I am a firm believer in.

For my closest family I decided to purchase (X) amounts of hard wallets personally and used my own platforms and digital wallets to complete all confirmations.

I explained all the risks and volatility of the new world however, the chance to own (X) amount of these currencies in the future is not just an a potential source of income but also the option to say you had (X) in 2017.

After a thorough explanation of the  importance of the backup phrases attached and physical location of the wallet at all times I sold at current market price with the price of the wallet included. I only bought in what I believe to be the safest three of the currencies for the original purchase.

I am aware that storing on a hard wallet limits the possibilities of trading options as I have read in current forums however, this as explained, is to some people about owning (X) of a product that they can store away securely.Some elderly people do not have any understanding of Microsoft Word let alone a trading platform to have an interest in trading.

I think for some people this may be the easiest way...

I am not sure if anyone agrees with my views however, I thought I would share my experiences as obviously I am a believer in the new world.


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What was the 3 currencies you beleive in

So you sold em bundle in the hope it goes up

Buy and HOFDL ...


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