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Found 26 results

  1. Hey folks! I found www.b1.cash in the web. Looks like, they're a financial app with a cryptocurrency exchange function. They promise buying/selling/trading cryptocurrency just after their launch. Moreover, they also state they are the first platform, providing cold wallets and crypto-investments insurance. Seems fancy. Anyone heard from them yet? Not much info in the net.
  2. Hi guys 😃 Well it’s a total sea of red out there today. From the top of dec highs, my portfolio has dropped 7 grand!! As depressing as that sounds, it’s only profit that I’m down on not my actual own money so it’s not so bad. I just bought some more haha. How are you guys fairing? Hodl tight boys and girls we’re in for a rough ride!
  3. I just heard that DATAVLT released new cryptocurrency! Is that true?
  4. Hi guys 😃 What’s your short term crypto plan? What are you looking at? Anything you think could be interesting? At the moment my plan is to change some neo into xrb as it due to be listed in binance soon so should see a pump. On the pump I’m gonna take about the neo I put in, hopefully leaving me with some free xrb. I think xrb is gonna do well this year as the transaction speed is quick and it’s free to send. Perfect for arbitrage. Step two is to save my neo, maybe buy some more for the ontology release in a few mths. Sink about a grand into that and wait until it 10x’s. This is obviously subjective and it might not work but we all live in hope. Ive been looking at spankchain 😃. My thought is that the adult online sex industry is massive. Spank could have a good real life application in payment for online services. It’s only 30p on cryptoia and could get listed on bigger exchanges soon. I’m still in the research stage with it so we will see.
  5. Did You know There Are More Than 4,500 Cryptocurrencies Already? Just a little over 9 years ago, the first Bitcoin was mined. The world was busy with one of the most gruesome economic meltdowns in history, so it took us years to discover the invention that turned into the frenzy of the century. Now, almost 10 years after Satoshi Nakamoto published his white paper, the asset that just a few people in a closely-knit mailing list knew about, spawned an explosion of digital assets that no one would have been able to foresee. With ICOs adding more crypto assets to the market on a daily basis, it is hard to keep an updated count of how many are out there. There are more than 4,500 coins and tokens in circulation, challenging what we thought we knew about cryptocurrency markets. A Lack of Information Anyone would think that the 1,500 or so coins listed on coinmarketcap.com make up the market, but this is not accurate. Many more coins are hiding somewhere in a dark corner of the web, waiting to be dusted, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The dearth of information about cryptocurrencies is greater than we thought. In fact, for every well-known cryptocurrency, there might be hundreds of unknown ones, which forces us to think about other information that we might be missing. Juggle These Numbers in your Mind Thanks to preliminary research, CoinJanitor has been able to establish just how many cryptocurrencies we are missing out on. Most of them are not tradeable and a significant number is also functionally dead. Just take a look at CoinJanitor’s initial findings. The numbers below will give you a taste of the kind of information we are missing out on: CoinJanitor found more than 4,500 cryptocurrencies in circulation, of which the top 10 account for between 75% and 80% of the total market cap. The following 90 coins on those ranked within the top 100 on coinmarketcap.com, account for anywhere between 15% and 18% of the total market cap. That leaves around 4,400 cryptocurrencies holding about 2% of the total market cap in the most extreme cases. More Factors Just take a minute to digest that and think, if Bitcoin is now processing hundreds of thousands of transactions per day, how many cryptocurrency transactions have been completely unaccounted for because they took place within micro-cap blockchains? What could that information teach us? How about all the metadata related to that information? There are many more questions we could ask ourselves just based on those small data samples from CoinJanitor’s preliminary research, so imagine what we could learn if we knew more? Knowledge Nurtures Wisdom It took Bitcoin years to be as widely known as it is now, but this global phenomenon is still understudied. Now the pace at which other cryptocurrencies are created makes Bitcoin’s long and arduous journey look like a story from the last century. The cryptocurrency explosion has increased the unknowns exponentially, widening our gaps in understanding. If we study the markets we might be able to narrow this gap, and our newfound knowledge will nurture our wisdom. The first step is to understand that there are indeed more than 4,500 coins out there, so we can start looking for all the treasures hidden behind the data that they produce.
  6. The second day in the community of crypto investors, active discussions continue as the G20 meeting on the regulation of the crypto-currency market ends. Earlier, the Financial Stability Board rejected the appeals of several countries to regulate cryptocurrency. This idea was also supported by the head of the Bank of England. But there are also those who harshly expressed their attitude toward crypto-currencies. The CSSF agency believes that crypto-currencies and ICO represent a danger to investors. BaFin (Germany) also warned the public about the risks of investing. With him, on the issue of high risks, ICO is also in agreement with the European body ESMA. Uncertainty persists that we can see in the price of bitcoin, which is still traded in a narrow range and the price can not pass above the strong resistance level of 8600.00. If you look at the 30-minute chart of the bitcoin price, you can see the graphical model of the technical analysis "triangle" which is probably realized by moving downwards. It should be noted that the price went abroad the descending channel and the next level of support is located at 8150.00, from which, in case of the appearance of positive news, there is a possibility of a price increase. If the price succeeds to pass below and gain a foothold behind it, then the probability of movement to local minima at 7200.00 increases. The coin of the CREDITS project ("CS") continues to be traded in the green zone the second day. After the publication of the news on the successful CREDITS alpha version of the transaction, the "CS" coin rose to 0.0009 CS / ETH levels, after which the price found support for buyers in the range of 0.00084 to 0.00089, which can be seen as a strong price support level. According to graphical analysis, the price of the coin "CS" is now in the ascending channel, which increases the probability of its further growth.
  7. The panic after yesterday's news subsided and bitcoin 0.16% traded in a narrow range between 9500.00 and 10100.00. This strong impulse was triggered by news from the US and Japan where the regulators continue to take decisive action against the scope of the crypto market, as well as a report on the problem at the largest Binance exchange with their API and the manipulation of the price of one of the coins. It is worth noting that at these levels the price was at the end of last month, but the trading volumes were not so high. Yesterday, in the 4th hour, more than 400 million dollars worth of bitcoins 0.16% were traded, which can be considered a big figure if we consider the decline in popularity for bitcoin 0.16% and a strong decrease in the number of transactions. It is likely that the sellers were speculators once again frightened by the actions of the regulators, and buyers could become large investors who probably know more speculators. As a result, now the bitcoin 0.16% price is testing the support level of 9500.00 and it is likely to drop to 9200.00 but a further movement to the bottom is unlikely, so now it is worth trying to buy with a short stop-loss. Trades on CREDITS ("CS") were held in the range as before and the support level of 0.00080 - 0.00085 CS / ETH is still actual, from which the active purchases by bidders continue, which does not allow the price to decrease. An important fact, when the market fell after bad news, the price of "CS" fell slightly to 0.0008350 and immediately returned back to 0.00105 CS / ETH. In conditions of negative sentiment on the crypto market, coins "CS" still experience increased interest from investors, which can be seen by the increase of holders. At the time when the bitcoin was down on yesterday's trading session, the number of coin holders increased by more than 800 new ones. This is a good signal for a long strategy, because, according to technical analysis, there is a high probability that the market may recover back, which could lead to an increase in the price of "CS". The fall continues. It looks like a panic of speculators. But if everyone sells who buys?
  8. This is my first post so I'm hoping I'm doing this right. I'm currently mining Zcash, and I'm wondering wether to sell my mining income for BTC, ETH, or any other coins. Should I keep my ZEC or trade them for other Cryptocoins?
  9. Hi guys 😃 Prior to selling all my nano, I applied to test the nano iOS wallet. Law and behold the day after I sold it all to buy gold I get the email to test it!! As it would be rude not to test it I bought a few just to see how it works. On transferring my nano from kucoin it took about 30 seconds to show up in the wallet!! Quicker than all the other currency’s I’ve ever used. I got burned a little with the price of nano dropping, but witnessing the speed of transfer was awesome. Has anyone else used the nano wallet? What do you think? I’m impressed with speed but the UI could do with a little work. A wallet lock would be nice too.
  10. Hi guys So I just checked my portfolio and noticed coss had gone from 40p earlier today to £1.61. It turns out fiat to crypto trading has been confirmed for March. Hopefully it’ll be better than coinbase 🤞.
  11. Junius Maltby


    VERGE XVG - PRIVACY - that is the name of the game it seems with Crypto. I was informed of this tiny (half penny) coin from a friend who makes it his mission to explore, research and learn about all things Crypto. He as well as another close friend whom I trust, as well as myself have explored this coin, read the "black paper" and see it as a serious contender among the alt-coins. Think about the price of privacy. With increased scrutiny - private coins will act as ways for crypto profits to be, "stashed" when speculators or those with profits take chips off the table. These coins will serve also as a way to move about without the scrutiny of statist overlords and totalitarian regimes (believe it or not the earth still has these). Verge at half a cent and up 300% since August is a growing coin. It was 50 satoshi 2 days ago and is up about 11% to 57 satoshi now. Picking up 3000, 6000 or 10,000 #XVG is not a difficult task and may indeed be a healthy financial "kill shot" that makes your crypto portfolio grow. I look forward to discussing this coin. Check it out. https://vergecurrency.com
  12. Memetic coin was called Pepe coin. Master nodes are also referred to as Master Toads by Memetic / Pepe coin users.
  13. Gail Cryptocurrency News

    What are Masternodes?

    Latest steps in Masternodes and Cryptocurrency.
  14. I have caught some flak of late for becoming more objective in my assessment of cryptocurrency. As I attempted to educate myself as to its use, function and application, I forced myself to transact, explore, utilize and integrate somewhat with the new technology first hand. I wanted to detach my bias from my critical self, from the skepticism I clung to, for a moment and separate my opinion and that of others like me, while I listened to the proponents and those more experienced and knowledgeable on the subject of crypto than myself. What I soon realized were that many of my initial (9 years running) arguments against crypto, or should I say concerns as to why it would not succeed have slowly been eroded and ground into dust. "Money is the common denominator of all economic transactions. It is that commodity which serves as a medium of exchange, is universally acceptable to all participants in an exchange economy as payment for their goods or services, and can, therefore, be used as a standard of market value and as a store of value, i.e., as a means of saving." Alan Greenspan on Gold 1966 Concern 1.) STORE OF VALUE "A store of value is the function of an asset that can be saved, retrieved and exchanged at a later time, and be predictably useful when retrieved. ... The most common store of value in modern times has been money, currency, or a commodity like a precious metal or financial capital." (wiki) What is a store of value anyway? Seashells? Big rocks? Beads? Wheat? Over 65 centuries have concluded that Gold and Silver truly are. Gold (the ultimate money)- is the ultimate store and the most indestructible form of capital. Crypto, may not be physical, however it does seem to hold some ability to store value. Bear with me. One concern is, how does it originate that store of value? In order for crypto as of now to "store" value, value must first be placed into it. That value currently is fiat currencies finding their way into it and then the crypto represents various valuations of other crypto as well as conversions to fiat. It can also be exchanged for goods and services, as well as gold and silver. As far as a true store of value, it is secure in the sense that if you do it all right, protecting seed codes, passwords, two-factor authentication and using various wallets, your crypto can be safely secured. Assuming we maintain electricity on earth, block-chain technology will be here with us. Also assuming humans continue to place a faith and value on digital code, prime numbers, block chain, algorithms and crypto as a form of currency or units of account, crypto will be a digital store of value whether a minority of people recognize this new idea or not. The idea of a store of value is that I can place the compensation for my labors or convert my labor into some form of a unit of account ["A unit of account in economics is a nominal monetary unit of measure or currency used to represent the real value (or cost) of any economic item; i.e. goods, services, assets, liabilities, income, expenses. It is one of three well-known functions of money. It lends meaning to profits, losses, liability, or assets." (Wiki)] - and that my unit of account will be able to be used at another time to translate back into goods or services. My storing of value is like storing kinetic energy to be released at another time - economic energy. So far (for 9 years anyway) crypto has been increasing the ability to function as this as well as further growing in its ability to function as such, rather than retreating from this ability. The only threat to this function is volatility, however that is argued to be a symptom of this early phase, as well as some crypto being more immune to volatility due to tighter controls on the supply. Speaking of supply, having a fixed supply as many crypto do, it is antithetical to the grotesque unlimited creation of money and fiat by central banks and governments. This function alone gives crypto and overwhelming advantage over holding fiat paper as a store of value. Fiat paper in my opinion is the worst store of value and the worst place one can have wealth or "kinetic" economic energy parked. My goal is to always off load my fiat as soon as possible into any other vehicle, asset, or good that will maintain or increase in value as denominated in fiat leper currency. One more point on value. Cryptocurrency, especially BTC, relies on the labor of the miners, equipment, electricity/energy, precious metals circuits, transformers, and workers on the grid, high speed expensive graphics cards and so on in order to function. This is as a friend explained it - the basis behind part of what gives it value. Work, labor, energy, proof of work, all of that makes it far more valuable than fiat paper garbage that is willed into existence out of debt and government declaration. Concern 2.) EASE OF USE For years this was a tremendous concern of mine. Considering myself proficient with many technologies, skills and tasks, I felt the complexity to utilize crypto as well as employ it in every day usage was mind numbing, cumbersome, difficult, and full of risk. There was also the lack of infrastructure - paths to send receive, sketchy sites to use, difficulty in moving funds into or out of crypto, lack of places to spend crypto, and so on. The introduction to "wallets" and "keychains" as well as the function of crypto itself made any understanding or comprehension as to its benefit difficult to comprehend. As with any new technology, bugs were worked out, free-market dynamics set in motion the birth of services that were faster, easier, more transparent. Coinbase and various reputable exchanges, rich with security methods and the ability to connect adopters with their financial institutions allowed for much more efficient, smoother transactions with crypto than in years past. I never experienced it, however you hear stories of the days back in 2009 and 2010 where one had to send via moneygram a check or wire to an exchange somewhere in order to purchase a Bitcoin with fiat garbage. With few people using crypto, the ease of use was also challenged in the environment where so few people used it, you would not be able to use it for anything or buy goods or services with. As more and more merchants accept it, from hairdressers to precious metals dealers, it appears that a competing unit of exchange is beginning to mature from its infancy. The speed, familiarity and ease of use is improving on a daily basis. I have older relatives and friends who have grasped the concepts of cryptocurrency beyond my imagination, further instilling in me the idea that my ease of use criticisms are being eroded. There is still a long way to go for crypto to be easy enough for everyone and we may be decades away from even 80% of people being able to adapt to its use, however it is here to stay, and regardless of my luddite opinion or my beliefs on its merit - it will remain. (barring a full on assault by every government and central bank demon on earth). Concern 3.) MAINTAIN THE ATTRIBUTES OF MONEY General Acceptability: Portability: Indestructibility or Durability: Homogeneity: Divisibility: Malleability: Cognizability: Stability of Value: Let's burn through this part quickly as we touched on much of it above. We see various lists professing the various attributes money should have and often it is interwoven with opinions of economic minds from diverse back grounds. It seems obvious that general acceptability is a requirement of money. As in, what use is it if no one else accepts it, right? We addressed this with ease of use, in that more and more crypto is being accepted as money. This will only grow it appears, and soon become the norm. Check this off as one of my concerns again eroded away. Portability? You can take it anywhere on the planet that has electricity, send it anywhere faster and cheaper than fiat paper garbage. As the ability to move it into cold wallets, out of cold wallets and through the internet grows, as well as having accounts that are secure and accessible via debit/credit cards, this portability grows. So yes, it is becoming more and more portable. Indestructibility/Durability is a concern that I still hold. What about my computer burning up? A flood? Losing a thumb drive? What if this is just a "fad" and it eventually gets destroyed by laws or government controls? What if technology improves to the point where Crypto XXXX is no longer as valuable and something better comes along replacing it? There are so many questions as to the durability - lasting power of particular units of crypto that this is a remaining and haunting concern of my observations. The indestructibility seems solid - as yes the unit of exchange (e.g. 1 BTC) is indestructible. The BTC exists no matter what - the only "thing" that can be destroyed is the device I keep it in or the cold wallet. However as we see with technology like the Ledger or Trazor wallets, you can store them and then get 24 word phrases to "rescue" them should that wallet be destroyed. How that works one of you may have to explain to me. I have my guesses how it works, just not positive on it. The crypto coins are indestructible - they are code that cannot melt, rot, rust, dissolve, and some argue are more secure from theft than many other forms of money if stored properly. These two areas of destructibility and durability remain a concern, however there are gray areas with it. The arena here is a battleground for debate with much of the statements from both sides very convincing. Referring to the homogeneity, crypto is all math and code with 1 BTC always equal to another 1 BTC. The fog would be where we see the arbitrage of various values broadcasted on different exchanges at the same time. It is common to see cryptocurrencies showing different values on different sites at the same time - where this would cause one to question the homogeneity. Other than that, every unit is the same as every other like unit at all times. 1 LTC = 1 LTC, 1 XRP = 1 XRP and that will remain as long as they are in existence. Crypto is highly divisible, just as gold. Gold contracts are 1 good delivery bar or about 430 ounces, each ounce can be divided into 1/2 ounces, 1/10 ounces, 1/20th ounces, grams and so on down to the finest particle of gold essentially (if need be these could be secured in hard plastic cases sealed). Crypto can be divided to infinite decimal places. I have recently argued that Bitcoin should no longer even be referred to as bitcoin, but "Satoshis". As we see now the term Satoshi is used in reference to the fractions of a bitcoin used in transactions. e.g. "I paid three hundred and fifty satoshi for that". (The satoshi represents one hundred millionth of a bitcoin. Small denominations make bitcoin transactions easier to conduct transactions with. The general unit structure of bitcoins has 1 bitcoin (BTC) equivalent to 1,000 millibitcoins (mBTC), 1,000,000 microbitcoins (μBTC), or 100,000,000 satoshis.) - wiki Divisibility? 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 ฿ 100,000 Satoshi = 0.00100000 ฿ 1,000,000 Satoshi = 0.01000000 ฿ 10,000,000 Satoshi = 0.10000000 ฿ 100,000,000 Satoshi = 1.00000000 ฿ Malleability is unnecessary, as the function here is they are code, and cannot be replicated or counterfeited due to the mathematics, and technology behind it. "When you transfer bitcoins to someone you don't hand over "a bitcoin". You submit a transaction to the network. The network makes sure your address is valid and has the proper value. So there is no risk of counterfeiting because there is nothing to counterfeit." Cognizability or recognizing the money easily is also fulfilled by the programs for crypto itself. You cannot send anything to a bitcoin wallet other than real, confirmed by the network of miners, bitcoin. Human observation, feel and vision are flawed. You could easily recognize a Pamp Suisse bar as "real" only to soon find it is tungsten. This is a real strength with crypto - it removes the human from having to recognize the money as real or not. The computers themselves prove beyond any error that yes that is bitcoin and yes you just received it in that transaction. Done. This is another idea that once my lightbulb turned on, I recognized as a positive function of crypto. Here comes a final and major concern of mine as it pertains to the role of money. The stability of value is most truly a concern. The stability of value concern can be summed up in one tweet: Crypto has a way to go in a few areas that is for sure. However, for being a new idea within the timeline of human existence, you must admit that it has made quite the impression into our psyche, and disrupted the way value, money are viewed and perceived. Where this story ends is anyones guess. I have given up on trying to predict anything as it pertains to cryptocurrency and I will no longer call it a "bubble". My criticisms for 9 years have been eroded as this technology matures and grows into a functioning "money" that humans value, store, exchange. As you read above, there are still valid concerns of mine that at the rate crypto is winning, will erode and be disproven over time. I remain steadfast in precious metals, however believe that at this time, exposing oneself to a small amount of cryptocurrency is not an evil or bad idea whatsoever. Keep stacking, keep learning, open your mind and adapt and overcome. "Ripple XRP is a Death Star Alt-Coin and all the other coins are Alderan." -Junius Maltby December 2017 BTC Wallets: 189oA75Fma4jNAkcDetQX6YQpsBDktH9Wm 18vMJCAibzgFzSDoupoWe6noY8bvmWU4CK LTC: LeR4z1FwYbgVHv791xydPqmbZeBjgG8wPt Ripple XRP: rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy tag: 1317751799
  15. Good evening all, I personally use the BIT FORUM as a medium for general discussions and keep most of my radical views separate from you guys who are more informed and I believe to be on the pulse in regards to crypto. I have recently joined a heap of Facebook pages to gauge the general everyday population's thoughts on the subject. I am amazed by the response that some of my posts have received some negative however, mostly positive. Has anyone else experienced the same ? I dont like to keep quiet generally however when I am passionate about something such as the new world and BLOCKCHAIN, I detest fake news and I believe Facebook is one of the best platforms to encourage this. I believe by changing the way people look at the world will propel the new revolution even further and faster. I am not the owner of this photo however believe it is a great visual representation of my expression on this topic....
  16. There are concerns popping up that you cannot trade, buy/sell on Bittrex if a particular currency's wallet is, "under maintenance" with the little red "i" next to it. This is false. I have done so numerous times and I can show you how. First - disregard the red "i". Look at the upper left at the Bitcoin and Dollar market tabs: Click one of them (the one you wish to buy or sell your coin of interest in) e.g XRP in this case: Search for the coin (e.g. XRP) and click on the BLUE SYMBOL for the coin/currency. This will take you to the market where you are free to buy and sell: It is literally THAT EASY. You can buy and sell all day long even if you have a wallet in maintenance on Bittrex. The threads regarding this on Reddit are false. Have fun - hope this helps.
  17. WOOOOooo Hoooooo I may not call some of this stuff right and perhaps I am new on the scene, however I have "friends in places" and one piece of information of close friend of mine has been passing on and urging me to listen to is XRP RIPPL - BUY IT AND HOLD IT. He would talk of the "shredding" and diminishing supply over time, how it was going to revolutionize international settlement at the highest levels and then he would speak of the, "LOCKUP"! It sounded interesting. 55 Billion units locked up and put into escrow so as to maintain certainty of supply. Well - it just happened. This is a game changer. I have been telling everyone I know recently, "If you are in crypto - GET SOME RIPPLE". Awesome.
  18. Junius Maltby

    How I Bought XRP

    Many of you are likely far more adept at this than I am, however this is how I learned to acquire XRP. With the help of some online research and a couple phone calls with buddies who have been doing this a while - this is how I go about getting some XRP:
  19. A few crypto-trader friends of mine were discussing the recent pop in THC and POT (Hemp coin and Pot coin). So far, our theory - I am sure some would agree, is that with Proposition 64 (recreational legalization of Marijuana in CA) becoming full on active law on Jan. 1 2018, there will be a birth of a new market in California. With Federal law still opposed to the green herb and all economics surrounding it, buyers, sellers and the entire industry have derived a new concoction to use as mediums of exchange - cryptocurrency. Two of these coins are specifically designed for this industry, THC (Hempcoin) and POT (Potcoin). Hempcoin is actually quite diverse in that it sells itself as a crypto designed for all agriculture, not just that of hemp. So far THC has a market cap of $22.6 Million USD and 229,631,797 units/coins in circulation and is currently up about 78% today. POT has a market cap of $91.7 Million USD, a max supply of (go figure) 420,000,000 units, and a total of 218,879,895 in circulation so far sits up 10.49% today. It will be very interesting to see where this market and the USD valuations of these two crypto end up in a world where we see more and more of a growing industry nation wide with more states adding to legalization. With no end in sight of federal lifting of regulations and financial seizures of what they consider illegal drug money, and banks not willing to risk taking funds received via the hemp industry, it is no wonder these two coins were born and are thriving. I would expect a serious spike in their values going into 2018. Keep an eye on it for sure.
  20. It has been quite a while since we have begun Cajutel ICO and we have gotten a considerable measure of good reactions from the current and new customers in the crypto group. We have to raise over 30 Million to develop the required infrastructure to serve high-speed internet to West Africa. Due to the Continuous request from Investors worldwide, we’re pushing the cut off date of the ICO from November 18th to December 1st, 2017. However, this means that you can still buy Cajutel token until December 1st, 2017. you can hold the tokens in any Ether wallet, you can Trade it to the exchange later on and start earning interest on staking or you can invest in Cajutel 100 % solar powered High-speed Internet to earn a yearly dividend and profit based on the value of Cajutel token and EBITDA of cajutel. Soon after the ICO completion date on December 1st, 2017, the CAJ token will be available for trade on the exchange platform. Look forward to your consistent support and love that we have got so far. Check out our whitepaper: Click Here Join Telegram:https://t.me/cajutel
  21. People, for the most part, don’t like to think about dying and writing a will is something that often comes only when they are getting old or seriously ill. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and death too, as Legacy’s CEO Felipe Faraggi sadly experienced when his dad died while still quite young. As many, he didn’t plan for this moment and never had the chance to say goodbye and write a will for his loved ones. At Legacy, we realized that this was not an isolated case. People don't plan for this moment because the process can be complex and time-consuming and people just don't have the time for that. In our opinion, this is quite important, and not only that, but death is life’s sole inevitability and you should meet it prepared. Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, Legacy allows you to transfer memories and other digital assets to your loved ones after your death. We have developed a simple and easy-to-use application that allows you to organize your digital assets in capsules. In just a few clicks you create capsules which you can fill with your memories such as letters or videos, your belongings like your house and even your crypto-currencies. Each capsule can be assigned to one or more recipients, and you can add additional conditions upon which the capsules are transmitted. After the conditions are met, your capsules will automatically be sent by Legacy to their recipients. Thanks to blockchain technology, the capsules are ultra-secure and can be sent several decades after their creation. Blockchain offers a perfect solution to make the process of preparing for your final day a lot less tedious. Come to our website https://legacy.network to learn more about us and join our community on our social media. Twitter: https://twitter.com/alegacynetwork Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelegacynetwork/ Telegram: https://t.me/legacynetwork Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/legacyeth/ Medium: https://medium.com/legacy-network Join Legacy Network.mp4
  22. Hi guys 😃 Wallets are an important security feature in the Cryptocurrency world. As part of the beginners section, I’ve added links containing wallet guides. This link explains the difference in wallets and provides a good guide to choosing one; https://blockgeeks.com/guides If you would prefer a visual guide, this link explains the differences and gives its top 5; If you would prefer a paper wallet to store you crypto, here’s a guide to choosing one; https://blockgeeks.com/guides/paper-wallet-guide/ Im sure there a million other links that evaluate crypto wallets, and that these links will become obsolete in time. If there is a particular link you favour, please feel free to add it to the comments section. Thanks
  23. Hi guys 😃 Being a bit of a noob, I’ve been thinking about how as a group we could help other noobs in their crypto journey. I think a crypto education section would be perfect. Topics such as a crypto dictionary, which exchanges are trustworthy, how to review an ICO, how to read a chart, trading 101, hardware wallet reviews, how to use paper wallets. The list could be endless really. The information could be in written form or links to good YouTube tutorials. A pinned section with recommended people to follow on Twitter or groups to join on Facebook could also be added. Just an idea. What do you think?