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  1. Today I bought....

    Nice one. Ok I'm understanding it now, I didn't think there would be different price/pricing. Thank you @metallica73 for your patience with me. I messed up the other night, that's why my Litecoin used to be on Coinbase but now sits in my Kcash wallet. lol
  2. Today I bought....

    @metallica73 I just been on Coinbase and they have 1 whole Litecoin £114.45 I have my Litecoin on Kcash £113.90. Sorry mate just lost as what who and how much??
  3. Today I bought....

    Thank you @metallica73 have I done this right I put in my 0.88144 = £115.26 and 1 whole coin is £130.95 so I need to buy £15.69??????
  4. Today I bought....

    Would like some help please? I have 0.88144 Litecoin I want to buy enough Litecoin so I can have 1 whole Litecoin!! I just cannot work out what more money I need to find.
  5. Airdrops / Giveaways

    0.0000674 ACT, 0.0000674 ABTC
  6. Airdrops / Giveaways

    Is that 0.0000674?
  7. Airdrops / Giveaways

    Oh good I have done the right thing. Did you get any ABTC coins given free for buying ACT coin.
  8. Airdrops / Giveaways

    I have no ETH only what's on Kcash listing. So I think I'm safe! lol
  9. Airdrops / Giveaways

    There is to many air drops on telegram. I did start to hit some last week, but then I couldn't work out what ones I hit on, but now I don't bother. Too much going on I just could not keep up. Where are they all coming form?
  10. How to update neon wallet and ledger

    Just upgraded my wallet on neon, I then been given, RHT 1.0000 Hashpuppy token. What do I do with it and is it worth anything?
  11. How to update neon wallet and ledger

    Hello @metallica73 I have 0.0.9 installed in my neon wallet. Is there a new version to install?
  12. How to update neon wallet and ledger

    Hello is there a new version of neon wallet to down load? I got 0.0.9 installed.
  13. Today I bought....

    Hello @Lea79 did you buy the trinity or was you given them because you got NEO?
  14. Airdrops / Giveaways

    Ok cheers I was wondering what that meant. I have will not have the funds to buy any Eth. I just thought something for nothing I can't afford not to have. lol
  15. NEO GAS claim claim.

    lol that's why I thought I could move the money. As the amount of gas I am making will never reach enough for 1 Neo.