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  1. Trumar


    No disrespect to you, but that does make me feel better that it’s not just me. lol. I’m the same I really thought that when my NEO was at £845 I said to myself that if I sell now I would miss out on loads more profit, 🤯🤯 everyday when I open me NEO wallet I keep hoping to see the price back to £845 lol. I just don’t understand why when there was loads of talk on the internet and the news channels about how well Crypto currencies where doing and then the arse drops out. I’ve been reading so many different people that are supposedly experts in Crypto and it don’t make me feel any better. I appreciate you chatting with me and for making me feel a lot better than before I had chatted with you. Thank you very much Trumar 🤩🤩😇😇😎
  2. Trumar


    No worries @metallica73 I’m not selling ever. Just feel that everything I do goes wrong. In the beginning of 2010 using the wife and mine savings I brought £7000 worth of Gold and Silver. Telling the wife no worries precious metals is flying. Only to see the arse fall out and still falling. So when I brought 6.5 NEO in October for £92.00 Watching the price rise to £845.00. I also brought £45.00 worth of ADA which went to £111.00 today it’s just £23.00. So this is why I asked. It might only be a small bit of money to most people, I had to sell stuff to get this money, all I was trying to do is make some money to help the wife out with the bills. I apologize to you for rambling on, as I said I just feel everything I do goes wrong!!
  3. Trumar


    Hello does anyone know when NEO will get back to it’s high price that was in the end of December 2017?
  4. Trumar

    NEO Price watch

    Hello @metallica73 what is it with MCT? I have only 6 NEO so is it worth me looking at MCT?
  5. Hello everyone, I just thought i would ask, HAVE I WON THE CRYPTOSTEEL? I’m sure I heard my name being mentioned, not sure where? when? who? said my name? Maybe not on here, maybe I dreamt of winning the CRYPTOSTEEL... or maybe I it said in me stars, “a prize draw is lucky for Gemini’s” so someone please tell me HAVE I WON......🤡🤡🤡🤡🤩🤩🤩🤩🤑🤑🤑🤑
  6. Trumar

    NEO Price watch

    Thank you @madstacks Is it a free giveaway like the 1 ONT coin I was given?
  7. Trumar

    NEO Price watch

    Hello @madstacks just seen your post about https://senno.io/?ref=1860&subid= I have 6 NEO can I get some senna?
  8. I know that the best time to buy into Crypto currencies is now, with the price of 95% of Crypto's being well down to what it was at the start of January. But if you don't have any spare money to buy buy and buy. When will the prices start to go up to where it was in December/January?
  9. Trumar


    None use Cryptopia?
  10. Hello everyone, has anyone used cryptopia to buy and sell? I'm asking as when I open the site using my iPad the site opens up quickly but when I try pressing the sign in button it can easily take 2-3mins to open? Once I sign in to open search coins that takes 5 mins also. Has anyone got any ideas as to why it's so slow?
  11. Trumar

    Next big crypto 2018

    Hello everyone, I'm still believe in FUNFAIR being one of the best Crypto's of 2018. This is all to do with the Gambling market. From what I have read about Funfair and I am not saying I have understood all that they say, the market in gambling is massive. So why not Funfair blasting to the moon. But as Animal mother said in Full Metal Jacket, "You talk the talk. Do you walk the walk?" I'm liking this Crypto to make me some really good money!!
  12. Trumar

    Would you buy

    LOL, 100K in THETA my boy is thinking £200 in THETA. How the other half lives, lol
  13. Trumar

    Would you buy

    Hello @hugh_janus cheers for THETA token, I have told my boy to have a look, as I am skint. I used my last £32 to buy a bit more Funfair the other day. But where can I buy THETA from? I have looked on Bittrex and Kucoin both saying no! Does my boy have to buy Bitcoin first? Also cheers for the link for the book, I'm charging me kindle so I can look into getting the book. Normally only use me kindle for holidays, lol. But if it helps me to understand what I have got me self into with Crypto, it will be worth the read. 🤓🙃🤑
  14. Trumar

    Would you buy

    Sorry to who ever read my previous post and thought to themselves I must be of me head!! LOL. I write the wrong amounts. It should say FUNFAIR should be $0.20 and by the end of this year, $0.50-60. I would still like to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this Crypto currency FUNFAIR????
  15. Trumar

    Would you buy

    Thanks @metallica73 and @Lea79 for replying to my post. I have really tried to understand the white paper, some of it says about speed and 3D viewing on their casinos. I do think if the market wasn't as messed up, the price for FUNFAIR would be $20ish! I am really hoping by the end of this year the price could hit $50-60.