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  1. I know that the best time to buy into Crypto currencies is now, with the price of 95% of Crypto's being well down to what it was at the start of January. But if you don't have any spare money to buy buy and buy. When will the prices start to go up to where it was in December/January?
  2. Cryptopia

    None use Cryptopia?
  3. Hello everyone, has anyone used cryptopia to buy and sell? I'm asking as when I open the site using my iPad the site opens up quickly but when I try pressing the sign in button it can easily take 2-3mins to open? Once I sign in to open search coins that takes 5 mins also. Has anyone got any ideas as to why it's so slow?
  4. Next big crypto 2018

    Hello everyone, I'm still believe in FUNFAIR being one of the best Crypto's of 2018. This is all to do with the Gambling market. From what I have read about Funfair and I am not saying I have understood all that they say, the market in gambling is massive. So why not Funfair blasting to the moon. But as Animal mother said in Full Metal Jacket, "You talk the talk. Do you walk the walk?" I'm liking this Crypto to make me some really good money!!
  5. Would you buy

    LOL, 100K in THETA my boy is thinking £200 in THETA. How the other half lives, lol
  6. Would you buy

    Hello @hugh_janus cheers for THETA token, I have told my boy to have a look, as I am skint. I used my last £32 to buy a bit more Funfair the other day. But where can I buy THETA from? I have looked on Bittrex and Kucoin both saying no! Does my boy have to buy Bitcoin first? Also cheers for the link for the book, I'm charging me kindle so I can look into getting the book. Normally only use me kindle for holidays, lol. But if it helps me to understand what I have got me self into with Crypto, it will be worth the read. 🤓🙃🤑
  7. Would you buy

    Sorry to who ever read my previous post and thought to themselves I must be of me head!! LOL. I write the wrong amounts. It should say FUNFAIR should be $0.20 and by the end of this year, $0.50-60. I would still like to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this Crypto currency FUNFAIR????
  8. Would you buy

    Thanks @metallica73 and @Lea79 for replying to my post. I have really tried to understand the white paper, some of it says about speed and 3D viewing on their casinos. I do think if the market wasn't as messed up, the price for FUNFAIR would be $20ish! I am really hoping by the end of this year the price could hit $50-60.
  9. I have been looking into FUNFAIR reading what they are about and what other people are saying about their role and pricing. FUNFAIR are saying that they are the quickest online casino for real play gaming. I was hoping to write more about FUNFAIR but most of the information I don't understand. lol. I don't play online casino, I can't afford to do Crypto and online casino. Before the prices came tumbling down, I was doing really well with 3 out of 4 of my Crypto's in profit. Not in the thousands like most of the people on the bitforum lol. But some nice profit nevertheless. I have purchased some FUNFAIR now. I think that I will see some nice profit by the end of 2018. Has anyone else looked into and purchased FUNFAIR??
  10. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    Nice one @Lea79 @madstacks I have got me 0.6 ONT. I also went to cash in to buy some gold, but 0.6 ONT is just not enough lol. Oh well you all know what I got to do? HODL!! lol
  11. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    I have had neon wallet since December. I have been on my neon wallet I can't see any ONT where should it be? Or do I have to do something to get them?
  12. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    Hello @Lea79 @madstacks I have 6 NEO am I entitled to some ONT?
  13. Bounce back??

    Question on Bounce back. I can't look at every single coin to gauge what is happening, but what I would like to ask is. Why has Litecoin the only notable coin that has made a nearly very nice "Bounce Back"? Roughly £104 say 11/2 weeks back and then over night jumped straight up to £176!! Now £156. It's like Litecoin are the only ones to Bounce Back up.
  14. Today I bought....

    Nice one. Ok I'm understanding it now, I didn't think there would be different price/pricing. Thank you @metallica73 for your patience with me. I messed up the other night, that's why my Litecoin used to be on Coinbase but now sits in my Kcash wallet. lol
  15. Today I bought....

    @metallica73 I just been on Coinbase and they have 1 whole Litecoin £114.45 I have my Litecoin on Kcash £113.90. Sorry mate just lost as what who and how much??