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  1. You can thank me later! I just sold just over half which gets back my original stake in BTC so it will probably moon now I think I'll sleep happier now tonight. To be honest if it does go up overnight I'll still make a good profit with whats left and I'm going to set some low orders just in case it drops.
  2. Someone on reddit said the TradeSatoshi withdrawal limits are very small so that will probably put any big volume holders off moving over there.
  3. Are we really likely to hear anything from Bittrex before Monday? I don't think so. And there's nothing else that could really happen to make it pump before that.
  4. I'll transfer mine back to my Swing wallet if we don't get the Bittrex announcement on Monday.
  5. Have Coinomi confirmed they are supporting it?
  6. Its pumped a bit on that TradeSatoshi announcement.
  7. TradeSatoshi, a UK based exchange, have announced they are supporting the fork. Anyone heard of them? Their website looks a bit basic.
  8. No Bittrex announcement so the impatient and the panickers are selling. I doubt there will be a weekend announcement so it could drop more until Monday. I'm tempted to sell half now with a view to buy back on Sunday.
  9. Nothing! Nada! Zilch! Is there much of the day left in Bittrex land?
  10. LOL! Bittrex announces BCTP now tradable and ZCL pumps a little
  11. According to the reddit forum, Bittrex are accepting some new applications. Might be worth a try if you don't have one already.
  12. Top for trading volume on Bittrex today. Bloody BTC!! Why couldn't you wait a couple of weeks before taking your dump
  13. Yes, someone else recommended that to me as well. I should do more than hold, hope and pray!!
  14. Nothing spare at the moment and I’ve invested as much fiat as I’m comfortable with right now. Im still in good profit with ZCL (bought at 0.006899 btc quite early on) just not as much as 2 days ago