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  1. Still can't deposit BTCP to Kucoin and its not on Binance yet so can't sell it at the moment even I wanted to! Is that why the price is holding fairly steady?
  2. How do you determine that its reached a peak or trough before you sell/buy?
  3. Its crazy. I'm still 50% up overall in terms of Bitcoin value but I'm now 10% down in the value of the original fiat I invested. I'm tempted to sell everything for USDT and buy back later if/when it drops further. @Helpinghands - what are charts saying?
  4. ImHere

    Neo holders free ONT air drop

    The 1000 ONT was from the newsletter airdrop. The Neo distributed airdrop was separate and was 0.1 ONT/NEO.
  5. ImHere

    Neo holders free ONT air drop

    Is it supposed to show up in the Neon wallet? *edit* nevermind, I had to add it and they are there thankfully
  6. Lucky gits on there getting to sell at those prices! An early sale I notticed was at a rate of over 0.07 btc so about $750!!
  7. Damn, and we can't deposit yet!! This could be painful watching the price drop. I think I'd sell them all now if I could get them there.
  8. Will probably lead to nothing but in this crazy world of crypto you never know!! Look at DOGE and that was supposed to just be a joke.
  9. How have they distributed it? I assume there is BTCP wallet on Kucoin?
  10. I missed this email before. Some interesting updates... ”SwiftDemand has continued to make immense progress in its mission to bring Universal Basic Income to the world. We have grown to 147,000 registered users and 1300 submitted products. SwiftDemand has quickly surpassed most other ICOs in users and we're only just getting started. We also are one of the very few digital currencies that has a working and active platform where the token can be used. The future is looking extremely bright as we are well on our way to becoming a newGlobal Currency. We would like to thank everyone that has signed up and joined us on our mission. Make sure to check out and start using the store if you haven't already! Buy something on the store * We do our best to remove fake products from the store when they are reported, but please remember that SwiftDemand is NOT responsible for anything that goes wrong when making a purchase. Please make sure to read our terms of use. Updates We have upgraded our technology allowing you to claim your daily Swifts instantly after 00:00 UTC. We now have approved over 500products for the store. Categories have been added to the store. You can now much more easily find what you are looking for. We have started development on theblockchain. We will start by releasing an initial version in the near future with the core features. Functionality will be added overtime in accordance with the SwiftDemand white paper. Our Token Sale is still in the planning stages. This includes: Legal Examination, Consulting With Other Successful ICOs, Informational Documents (timelines, roadmap, team, fund allocation), Partnering With a KYC Provider, Building the Token Sale Interface, Security Analysis, etc.. We will make further announcements once everything has been finalized. P.S. Don’t forget to refer your friends to join SwiftDemand. Not only will you be helping others discover the cryptocurrency of the future, you’ll also gain 500 Swifts yourself for each new sign-up.”
  11. ImHere

    Neo FUD

    What’s being said?
  12. If you create a new wallet, it will be a new seed. I don't remember having to set a password for the ZCL wallet but that was the Swing wallet. I did have to set one for the new BTCP Electrum wallet.
  13. BTCP all present and correct in a new Electrum wallet. Where is supposed to be listed first?