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  1. NEO Price watch

    Thanks... it probably says that somewhere but im blind lol Worth logging in if you can remember it then.
  2. NEO Price watch

    Done. Looks like you can get an extra 30 stakes per day by logging in daily too. Not sure what that means exactly as they dont say 'tokens'.
  3. NEO Price watch

    Interesting, you wonder why MCT was given out so freely in such quantities then?
  4. NEO Price watch

    Ah, just got 2k MCT too... weird as I only had the 50 APH there until recently. I have a feeling half of these tokens airdropped wont ever trade but worth it all the same. I know this forum is in a bit of a stagnant phase, but it pays to keep it alive to get little bits of info like airdrops etc
  5. NEO Price watch

    Don't know if you've noticed, this just got listed at Kucoin. Currently around 45 cents.... so a free $25, not bad.
  6. STEEM

    Yeah, its weird. I'll probably try maybe one or two a week in between lots of others and see if they ignore them - this will be my last attempt though. Regarding Steem... yeah, i've stopped at 350 and i've only bought 310 of them. I'm not powering down yet as i'm trying to make a little with delegations and withdrawing it into LTC. I'll keep an eye on the overall picture regarding Steem, I think there's still good money in it but the platform is for sure ripe for those on a power/ego trip
  7. STEEM

    Thanks for the bot upvote, its much appreciated. Don't know what to do though, doesn't seem like the individual in question is going to leave me alone, although they did for 4 days. Bit weird how they are just flagging me?
  8. STEEM

    Yeah, its the 'badcontent' bot. It just makes an autopost on every post, it doesn't seem to flag the post itself so we'll see. I did notice one other upfundme poster got the same treatment as me so we'll see. If I get flagged again it really isn't worth doing upfundme for me - i wonder if the taskmanager guy pissed someone off sometime...
  9. STEEM

    I'm going to try another upfundme post tonight. Let's see if I still receive attention - looks like every post I do regardless is getting flagged (though not downvoted) by a whalebot. I'm going to maybe do it every other day inbetween other posts.
  10. STEEM

    Not sure if it had anything to do with you or the upfundme people but my last 2 posts I did a week ago got a big boost after they got downvoted. If it was thanks for that! I'm going to get posting again soon but i'll lay off the upfundme for now, I guess i'll just attract unwanted attention to it and they seem to have left everyone else alone for now?
  11. Good pump today on BTC & ETH. We've tested 6,500 a lot and it hasn't dropped below.
  12. Where to get free tokens

    I joined too. Worth it since its a NEP-5 token.... sure it may be worthless but you might get lucky right?
  13. Still waiting on better exchanges. HitBTC (which i dont like) is the first to list soon. Today however it listed finally correctly on Coinmarketcap at #46 and is up 40%. Don't get too excited though, its still way below ZCL pre-fork and a long way from break even point. This didn't work out as planned but you never know CMC brings more 'eyes'... perhaps better listings and FOMO can get us closer.
  14. STEEM

    Well, they didn't really move on and they obliterated the rest of my posts that hadn't been paid out lol Not worth me fussing about it, they'll only move onto some others onto the tag but will probably leave the rest of you alone if I drop it. I'll continue to upvote when I can. I'm close to 350 now, at which point i'll let any delegation profits build up and then withdraw for other things. Hopefully I can maybe find somethings to post about next week to get back into it.
  15. NEO Price watch

    NEO is so tempting for someone who had to pay $86-150 for it. I've also seen other people saying GAS is a better bet? Much scarcer than NEO and it is usually 50% of NEO but is well down at the moment