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  1. Gotta do whatever is best for you. At the end of the day, it'll be very difficult to lose from here. I just sold 20% and set a lower buy order to get more ZCL but i'm useless at that and it'll do the opposite for sure now. You know if this really did tank to say $60-$70 i'd seriously think about getting 5 or 6 extra to hold.... there's a good chance BTCP is getting listed on Binance
  2. Maybe not, but Monday would be 2 days out from snapshot. That's exactly the same time frame as BTG's fork announcement. Decisions, decisions. I may 'play' with 20% of my ZCL... maybe sell for a profit with the aim of buying lower if I can and if not .... oh well. I wonder if volume will tank if people move coins to Tradesatoshi? Personally I wouldn't touch that exchange with a barge pole and i'll just take the hit on ZCL by taking the time to move from Coinomi to Bittrex tbh.
  3. I re-entered with a little at 0.0115 about 2 weeks ago. No point me selling for such little profit. To me it's pure panic selling because of no Bittrex announcement. It makes no sense for Bittrex not to support this considering its one of the coins with the biggest volume on their site consistently. I mean they even supported Bitcoin Gold.
  4. Eek, that's a horrible exchange. Like going to a dodgy neighbourhood to sell your goods! I think if we don't hear anything it'll be Coinomi for me.
  5. Braver than me... i'd sell and it would go up within seconds! I guess I should have sold some at the recent top with the intention of buying back in if it dipped.
  6. Live Market Chat

    Too much going on and not enough spare cash sadly! ZCL, ETC, LTC, Monero? Got hopes on my VEN getting a pump on rebrand on 28th but guess that depends where BTC is at. I've seen several people say they plan to go from ZCL to ECT to MoneroV but I have my doubts about how succesful they will be.
  7. Wow, really weird. Panic about no fork announcement? Don't see why.... Bitcoin Gold was only announced with 2 days to go. Price manipulation for big guns to enter lower? Can't see any major news that caused such an immediate dump. I'm just going to hold anything below 2x profit myself.
  8. This was posted on the ZCL reddit... That was the Ignis airdrop, which whilst obviously not on the same scale as ZCL/BTCP may give a little clue. The high was 3 days after Bittrex announcement and stayed more or less around that level until 2 days before when people took profits and at the time of snapshot was little higher than that of the first announcement itself. Here we are 4 days and 18 hours away from snapshot.... you feel it's got to happen in the next 2 days.
  9. neon wallet not loading

    I think there is an issue, neotracker isn't working either
  10. Insider info, or you've seen a tweet?
  11. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Well my USDT test didn't last long but it worked out fine as I saw the big dump coming and dumped all bags immediately into USDT. Because ETH then dumped even more I was able to rebuy more ETH than I originally put into the bot and get 8 free STEEM out of it. I think that's more than i've made with the bot ever Whilst the market is so temperamental i've decided to go back to the ETH bot but just run 4 pairs... LTC, NEO, MONERO & DASH just because I may as well use it since i've paid for it. If ETH now goes on another run I may then sell back into USDT and rinse repeat.
  12. Saw that tweet and all the responses cheering before realising wrong coin I think this will pump but we desperately need BTC to hang in there. 5 days and 18 hours till snapshot... Bittrex announcement could happen any time. I'm wondering how long to leave it to assess whether to take profit or hold. Other forks have historically hit their highs 2 days before the snapshot. I'll maybe let the news spread for 24 hours and start selling a little percentage at a time if i'm happy with the price. And even that is relative, if BTC takes a big dump to 6k it'll be difficult to tell what is a 'good' price.
  13. Back up to 0.014... just waiting on that fork support now.