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  1. Gushanamm

    Today I sold......

    Today I sold some not so wide spread altcoins to buy more CNX. Cryptonex project is sure to become a major player in 2018, so I try to buy more. The thing is that the team is about to launch p2p platform and mobilee app (they've also started hardware wallets development) so some investors predict the price will increase more than 10 fold (let alone it has already increased 7 fold in 3 months). And right now I'm into Cryptonex pos mining - which gives 12% annually just for keeping mac wallet online. It's a good addition to coin price growth.
  2. In 2018 I put a stake on Cryptonex with cnx coin. After reading an article about Cryptonex, I decided to follow the instructions on their site: downloaded the wallet and bought some cnx. They offered me to mine for the reward. So I gave it a try and it succeeded. Now I’m cnx holder and I continue getting 12% profit from pos mining.
  3. Gushanamm

    Today I bought....

    Today I bought some more CNX to transfer it to my desctop wallet.I really like this coin as it has increased more than 7 fold in the last 2 months. As a passive investment I use cryptonex pos mining and get 12% annually for holding my wallet online. Still I'm open to other coins.