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  1. I plan to invest some of my money, hodl and then sell some with profit, then wait until it goes up again and sell some again. Just registered on CoinDeal so I hope to do some good trading there.
  2. CatCry

    Ask me anything....

    Is it better to store your crypto on your personal hot wallets or an exchange market's cold wallets?
  3. CatCry

    exchange market

    I wouldn't necessarily say that if something isn't listen on Coinmarketcap, it's immediately "bad". From what I read they opened a month ago (and are still in beta version) so they probably will show up there sooner or later.
  4. Thanks for your answer, @Lea79! Although they claim to store the crypto on cold wallets. Also, trading does not necessary mean keeping all your crypto and money on their platform constantly. You can always withdraw, for a fee, but still. I'm not saying this is the perfect and safest way, but it's still safer than keeping your money there at all times, right? What do you propose to do to earn on crypto then? I'd like to hear from you!
  5. I've recently become interested in cryptocurrencies because my friend's boyfriend talked about it in a really passionate manner. Decided to see what it's all about and thought it could be a profitable thing. Some extra money never hurts
  6. I did, actually, I'm thinking about investing some of my funds in there. If anyone could share an opinion on them, I'd really appreciate that!
  7. CatCry


    Thank you for you opinion, @Lea79! I love the fact that there are some very nice people here Hi there, Mike! Hope we'll get to know everything about cryptos
  8. CatCry


    Okay, thank you very much, @Lea79! Do you know anything about CoinDeal? I've heard about them a couple of times now and wonder what more experience cryptocurrency fans think of it. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys! I wanna start investing in cryptocurrencies and it'd be lovely if you could recommend me some exchange markets. Thanks!
  10. CatCry


    Hey there! This seems like a great forum and I'm hoping to make some nice friends here! I've only recently become interested in the cryptocurrency market and I'm thinking about investing some of my money into it, because it seems like a very promising thing. But I don't have that much money to invest in mining, so I think I'll just stick to the exchange markets. Can anyone recommend some good exchange markets? Not necessarily well-established ones, if there's a startup that offers good deals for their early users then I'll be thrilled to check these out. Thanks a lot!