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  1. I feel like cloud mining company that provides unprecedented charges to customers. This will result in competition in the market and promote global cost savings with other major cloud mining vendors. The initial market value of Digcoin is guaranteed with a cloud mining contract (or $ 0.50 in case of higher), and a 20% additional discount is applied to those who purchase coins through ICO. If you are interested, digcoin .co / default.aspx. Their platform wants to save costs with respect to cloud mining. The surge of mining equipment, power usage, and block chain costs has prevented many people from engaging in mining. There are several ways for users to earn money by owning a DIG coin. One is a platform loan program that enables investors to earn passive income. In order to do so, We need to buy a DIG coin while in ICO or when you hit an exchange. After that, We can partner with the DIG coin and register with a cloud mining company that has secure passive income.
  2. According to my knowledge, Coins 4 Favors (C 4 F) is a distributed block chain driven peer-to-peer market for goodwill and mini-jobs around the world. Using C4F tokens, people can find other people who want small benefits and minijobs anywhere in the world, regardless of their preference. C4F application with Cool Coins' block chain based escrow-based payment system and transparent rating system combined with GPS location matching disrupts the service industry and enables a shared economy like a system for any service We will create a global market. Coins 4 Favors provides infinite possibilities, such as taking some photos to a remote location or waiting for a queue etc. Coins 4 Favors is based on block chain technology, communication, evaluation, evaluation connection and trust. Presales will begin on March 1, 2018 and public ICO will begin on April 1, 2018. For more info visit www.coins4favors.com? bid = 1909. In order to provide opportunities to express concerns in front of Pre-ICO, I would like to discuss this concept with this forum. Please visit the web page www.c4f.io or watch a simple intro video with https: //m.youtube.com/watch? Feature = youtu.be & v = EXquipYf 7 xk and give questions and comments. As well as their active Twitter account: @ Coins 4 Favors.