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  1. According to the definition of bubble bitcoins n is in a bubble so is most other assets stocks and shares . Only when the bubble bursts is it an issue As with most things price = intrinsic value + future potential the problem arises when the potential isn't met. An economic bubble or asset bubble (sometimes also referred to as a speculative bubble, a market bubble, a price bubble, a financial bubble, a speculative mania, or a balloon) is trade in an assetat a price or price range that strongly exceeds the asset's intrinsic value.[1][2][3]
  2. It's a good idea not sure starting from a major drop is representative or 3 months is enough time to judge anything really though. Crypto can be in bear markets for many months ( this one is 2 months on already ) then quadruple in price neatly overnight . The idea dors have legs though maybe 3,6,12,24 month review would be better. One of the YouTube crypto people ( English guy with the funny backgrounds) Is doing something similar over a year . I thought then as @Helpinghands thinks now it could all be done on paper and graphs and speed sheets with zero outlay and only a limited amount of time using weekly checks of current data and historical data from coin marketcap
  3. 4Nines7Hills

    Google BAN Bitcoin WHY?

    It's a joke youtube aka Google scammed more people and made more money with the bitconnect ads on YouTube than anyone
  4. 4Nines7Hills

    Ledger Nano Firmware Update

    I managed to upgrade mine it wasn't as straight forward as i thought but i did it and I'm liking having 13 different coin apps installed
  5. A little update for all Ledger Nano owners 1) New Firmware to version 1.4.1 which importantly will allow 18 apps instead of 6 - id probably wait a day or two before upgrading to check there inst any issues reported We’re thrilled to announce the release the Ledger Nano S firmware 1.4 (available as version 1.4.1), which brings several functional changes, new UX features as well as a few security improvements. One key update that we’re really excited about: with the firmware 1.4, you’ll be able to install many more applications on your Ledger Nano S! We highly recommend all our users to update their Nano S by following these steps. New features to significantly improve user experience… The number of apps which can be loaded onto the Nano S at the same time can be raised to up to 18 (depending on the cryptocurrencies – see FAQ), thanks to some refactoring on the BOLOS app management. As a reminder, deleting an app does not impact your cryptocurrency holdings: when the app is reinstalled, the original balance is retrieved. The screen lock management has been slightly modified. A long press (3 seconds) on both buttons of your Nano S when it is in use (whether in the dashboard or while using apps) will enable you to lock the screen. To ensure that the user has backed up correctly the 24 words, all of them must now be confirmed during the onboarding. Several other optimizations have been implemented in order to improve the user experience. For instance, the device is now faster using some cache optimizations. … While we keep improving your security BOLOS (Ledger OS) has evolved. You’ll find below some of the latest modifications: The apps are now split in 3 segments (code, data, installation parameters). Two different hashes are computed (code + data and code + data + installParams). This allows the user to verify the data loaded even for apps which have secret data. U2F tunnel is now supported for APDUs in the dashboard and also in the SDK. It’ll make it possible to support all communication protocols with a single interface and avoid using the “Browser Support” options. U2F tunnel is very convenient to interface with a web application (such as MyCrypto / MyEtherWallet). The SDK now offers another primitive for comparing memory pointers securely (memcmp). The cryptographic support has been widely extended. A lot of new Elliptic Curves are now supported: SEC curves (SECP384R1, SECP521R1), Brainpool Curves (P256R1, P320T1, P320R1, P384T1, P384R1, P512T1, P512R1) ANSSI Curve (FRP256V1), Edwards Curves (Ed448), and Goldilocks’s curve (Curve448). The firmware 1.4 includes a few other security improvements. For instance, the policy to load 3rd party apps slightly evolved. The custom Certification Authority (CA) management is now only available under recovery mode. It is intended to make malware applications less attractive to promote for inexperienced users.Also, we would like to congratulate two of our users, who successfully found bounties in our firmware 1.3. Though these issues were not critical and apply only under quite uncommon conditions, they are now solved in our firmware 1.4 – consequently, you are more than encouraged to update. We will share more details about these issues soon. We are very thankful for these two users for raising these issues with us, and are going to reward them with a bounty for their help and responsible disclosure. This is also a great opportunity for us to promote our Bounty Program: we definitely encourage our users to challenge the security of our products. If you find a vulnerability or a bug on our design, you can get rewarded in bitcoins by following the Bounty Program guide. 2) Ledger nano has announce a new universal desktop app to replace the Google apps This will be available Q2 2018
  6. 4Nines7Hills

    Crypto Payment Cards, Visa, etc

    Unless Monaco was going to use wavecrest then they are back to square one, did anyone know what card issuer everyone was using
  7. Wow impressive I still have my 300 or so yes
  8. 4Nines7Hills

    Neo wallet works on bittrex again

    After neo been stuck on bittrex not earning gas for what seems like months I finally extracted it back to neon/ledger where it belongs Will buy from binance next time
  9. @Lea79 do you still own coss how's your divedends going
  10. I wasn't referring to anyone as I don't pay attention to the author of posts I just recall loads of posts regarding both verge and Tron currencies . What people buy is their business and depends on the strategy and risk level of the individual.
  11. Reading previous forum posts on here thinking a few people have big bags of both verge and Tron
  12. 4Nines7Hills

    Vertcoin maybe the next cryptoCURRENCY

    For short term traders it trippled between the first post on here and all times high do not bad. But this is a long-term coin maybe 2019-20 to meet its potential. It has dropped off highs as everything has We are in a major correction not the best time to do a hindsight look back
  13. Hodl or increase your position DO NOT Sell. There is no real reason for the drop it will recover
  14. You really shouldn't be expecting profits in such a short time plus if you sell within a year you will tend to get shafted by taxes . Remember always buy low sell high and it's usually always better to hodl than day trade