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  1. just signed up for LBX Seems cool but I’m not endorsing it , know very little apart from website There’s a waiting list currently I’m position 10500 Please google or you can use this referral link Declaration , use of link BOOSTS my position in waiting list queue apparently https://londonblockexchange.com?referral=Sy7ZiVTvz&refSource=twitter Advice , have a dedicated crypto email , and possibly phone number , and maybe even offline computer as there is so much to sign up for in this space
  2. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    All good fun and glad you guys are taking one for the team I’m on the verge of buying PT , I think though I imagine I’d have a more hands off approach and just abandon it for a month and see what happens .... but maybe not ... with the price of btc mmm this might be a good time to buy mmmm
  3. Is their a calendar of upcoming ICO ? what’s the thoughts on best way to make money from ICO , apart from long term holding
  4. Bitcoin crash ? Have I missed something , I thought it was mooning it’s quadrupled over value this time last year [emoji41] ZCL looking good for me at moment , steadily holding until that sell moment I have a sell order at $280 and I think it might make it
  5. LiteCash Fork

    Yeah caught me oot I was planning to sell
  6. LiteCash Fork

    By the looks of this you need to have your litecoin in a wallet and not sitting on Coinbase ! Correct ?
  7. LiteCash Fork

    So how come the news is all around ZCL / bitcoin private ... litecoin is far bigger brand ? Surely litecoin cash will piggyback on the brand to add value
  8. LiteCash Fork

    So when it forks are litecoin holders getting free coins ?
  9. Can someone pls open a new thread with details of “the lite cash” fork and expectations and strategy This one seems to have went by me , need lots of more details
  10. Well it’s doin tae the boss when he wakes up Likely sobering up from being out celebrating bitcoin getting regular support at 10k [emoji384][emoji386][emoji317]
  11. I’m now running a virtual identity , off line laptop , dedicated SIM card ,phone etc as I realised I was putting so many details out there WORLDWIDE So I didn’t hesitate to sign up [emoji3] you should be piling up those swifts ! Although mmmm I didn’t think referall links were allowed here ? https://www.swiftdemand.com/?referred_by=koinkab It’s certainly a quality phone app ! That for sure compared to some bad I have downloaded
  12. Jeex what a u turn from Richard heart Warning ! 2 hours long but he RIPS apart bitcoin saying it’s dead now for years
  13. Well I have never done a wallet , so I can’t get my ZCL off craptopia easily .. and lots of reports of sllloowwww ZCL removals I can’t get bittrex account as they are closed for new members so for my case I think I’m best to just try and sell prefork at best price / anything above I paid for it [emoji3] Then as I think bitcoin private has a ring to it , I’d like to buy in cheap some of the btcp being dumped and HODL