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  1. Sounds a bit overwhelming 500 Although does sound like a good opportunity for arbitrage [emoji3] how many exchanges are their in the traditional stock markets ? I wonder
  2. Koinkab

    Whisky for Crypto

    I’ve six bottles of southern comfort available Ripple or swifts accepted
  3. I’d like to remind you all about swift demand if you haven’t signed up yet It’s a UBI project and just had its first token sale The UBI issues 100 swift tokens a day , every day , so you can collect 36500 tokens a year .... you can call it an airdrop if it makes more sense to you that way but it’s designed as universal basic income The first token sale recently established a base price , it worked out at $0.0038 per token Might not sound a lot but that’s $138 a year .... which is for example greater income than 75% of countries on earth ... can you believe annual income in Venezuela is $35 ... Vietnam $135 a YEAR !! So this project is destined for interesting times There is to be at least one more funding round token sale before conversion to blockchain coin and then trying to get listed on exchanges This is a good time to join swift demand ! Cost you nothing and once available on exchanges will give you in effect free money I’d describe this as a global philanthropy project , you can save your tokens or spend them in the shop .... people are already buying goods with swifts and after delivery .. resale in their local economies to help them live If you like sound of it join and tell your friends , soon children will be able to be registered so whole families can claim ... it’s early days so now is a good time to join And please consider using my referral link if so desire [emoji3] https://www.swiftdemand.com/?referred_by=koinkab
  4. Koinkab

    Can ETH will become No1 Position

    What’s ATH ?
  5. 1972 , uk changed from shillings to pence ... about 5 years preparation Changing currency is possible with will
  6. Lol happens every time I sell a coin , instanty doubles within a day [emoji23]
  7. Anybody trading there ? Do they have many coins to trade or very limited anybody got screenshots ?
  8. Not sure I can offer anything but it sure will be interesting to see the end result
  9. Interesting video Thoughts ?
  10. Any views on this guys assessment and analogy
  11. I’m using play money You need to be in it to win it ! I’m all in to win big or bust !!! Currently about 20% down on total fiat in It’s been a steep learning curve , following a month learning hard it’s getting easier and becoming fun Bit of a whirlwind the amount of coins trying to get your attention .... pretty shocked how much the altcoins follow BTC ... considering it’s different blockchains and then of course the hashgraph could consign the lot of history as everything moves to that ! Strikes me as a real game changer ? Thoughts ? Glad I’ve got this forum as it’s a good balance between info and not too big a volume of posts ... shame scammers are getting through lately I’m selling stuff through SwiftDemand marketplace , costing me real money fiat in postage but building up a wad of swifts in readiness for the ICO So that will be a winner for me or a damp squib but I’ve always enjoyed mail order Should be an interesting year
  12. I believe after the last BIG rise of 2013 there was 3 years of nothingness
  13. So have I ... really good video promoting , shows quality and thought in set up Swift demand is another decent quality .. tokens free daily
  14. Everything’s red Except ZCL [emoji23]