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  1. Bounce back??

    So is that how everyone see this then. Are we expecting to hit what it was before ie btc at £15k or we expecting double that now
  2. Whats everyones thoughts on the current state of the crypto world. Everyones hodling and waiting for rje bounce back or you selling now looking to buy cheaper etc or just getting out full stop.
  3. Reputation

    Haha thanks. Tbh most people probably know but just me being a noob
  4. Avoid Paying Coinbase Fees!

    [emoji121]️[emoji121]️defo just wish they sold more coins
  5. Reputation

    @Helpinghands yeah that it. So rep is based on likes then.. Thanks lol
  6. Reputation

    Yeah ive entered the ticket number but it says you need 3+ reputation points as well. Ive got none lol but dont know what they are or how to get them lol
  7. Alright guys, Entered the crypto steel comp but noticed you need rep points. What are these and how do you get them lol. Noticed on the silver forum ive got 33 but no idea how i got them lol
  8. Win a CryptoSteel

    Ticket number 10
  9. Dogecoin thoughts?

    Yeah was all a joke then seems to be on the up. Reckon its got the potential of etc btc ripple etc or like you said cash in the profits now whilst it's up or hold and see what happens. i like the idea of it hitting £1 and I'm sitting on £20k
  10. I stuck £100 in this few weeks back. Now at 1p ish a coin reckon it could take off or just another dead crypto
  11. Christmas Giveaway - $5 of LTC

    17 beccatill
  12. TRON TRX

    An great thank you. What wallet would hold tron
  13. TRON TRX

    So is that what this liquio is an exchange? So i own them there just not safe. Just want to make sure its not like etoroo and im not trading them. I want to buy and hold on to them for a while
  14. TRON TRX

    With bitcoin you can put it im a wallet and you own the coin. But jve seen some sites where you are just trading you dont actually own the coin. Is that a this is. Or am i biying the coin and just holding it on the exchange
  15. TRON TRX

    Can I own the coins on that one? Or is this purely trading sorry for all the questions new to this