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  1. You mean you can't hear them Um, lot's of wishful thinking here Can't find my crystal ball, I think a silver stacker nicked it
  2. Bittrex may announce today - thank me later
  3. Evil magic TA has great power to add to bag
  4. That TA guy Michael I mentioned above has been on fire with ZCL. If no announcment then he thinks we may go to approx $111.00 ish Now if that plays out what a fantastic time to load up Of course most of us know that TA does not always work so any newbie reading this I would say don't count on it He is updating a chart for ZCL on twitter later. I like his friendly no nonsense no hype approach
  5. If no Bittrex announcement and or last run up in price (although I still think there might be an announcement either way ) what would the last date you would transfer to your own wallet? I'm thinking 26th....whadya reckon, is that too soon, too late or about right.
  6. Today I bought....

    ReddCoin to match my Lambo. Well orange is close to red / petrol splashed purple not so much. Feel free to pump my shit coin so can Lambo
  7. Hardest part is watching other coins pump while Bittrex is killing us with this....come on lol btw found a TA guy I think is worth watching https://twitter.com/MNPoppe
  8. Do you have a link to that info ?
  9. Sitting around $197 atm but still a few days to moon I think one of the big questions everyone is asking is what will Bitcoin Private be worth in the near future ( Release and 1 -2 years ) It's easy to imagine this coin being accumulated and going into the hodlers bags for a while I think Traders will just book profits and move on as they often see hodling coins as a gamble which is also hard to disagree with. Plenty of other privacy coins out there but not with the status of the Bitcoin name and a great team behind it. My guess is Bitcoin Private could be worth $600+ in no time and in 1 or 2 years way over $1000 Could be wrong though, there's a first time for everything
  10. But then there is this so not so rare How many ZCL are in circulation, and how many BTCP will there be after the fork? Currently, there are about 3,000,000 ZCL in circulation. When the fork occurs, the total BTCP in circulation will be the current circulating supply of BTC plus ZCL. naughty Kiwi's at Cryptopia aye boy
  11. Here is a thought, correct me if I am wrong or if you have another view but I think Bitcoin Private might be fairly rare. I know Bitcoin Private will match 1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin Private and 1 ZCL = 1 Bitcoin Private But how many Bitcoins and even ZCL for that matter will be in the correct wallet or supporting exchange to be a part of the snapshot?? Well not all of them that's for sure What am I missing? more ZCL perhaps https://btcprivate.org/
  12. I quick funny story of how I opened an account on Bittrex as I wanted to avoid Cryptopia. I invited myself in on a corporate invitation . Never in a million years did I think I would really get in but I did Got my ZCL at 60% more than I wanted to pay but think if I am lucky again it may go higher later. If goes down will just ride out the whole process and wait for Bitcoin Private as a long term position. If goes up enough (close to $300) I may sell half and keep half I'm an expert at changing my mind....the best
  13. Getting free GAS tokens

    Probably not the best person to inform you as I am still learning myself but did you get a Neon wallet when you saved your Neo to your ledger? If yes open your Neon wallet and connect ledger. You should see your available Neo and option to claim gas. I think you can claim gas every 5 minutes but as you earn gas for holding Neo just claim it when it is convenient. If this did not help go to Youtube and search your question there as there are some helpful knowledgable people showing us in how to do video's Beware of scams. check the info multiple times by different trusted accounts. If still unsure, don't do anything until you are sure
  14. I hope the application is for both ZCL and Bitcoin Private and the application/s are accepted If I buy ZCL everything will go boobs up, if I don't buy then ZCL and Bitcoin Private will probably do very well Ok so you need to pay me not to buy it now so we can ALL win