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  1. Interesting to see BTCP has had it's first Trezor transaction in testing. Perhaps that's a good sign for the Nano Ledger S in the future as well. The team are obviously preparing hodlers for a long term thing lol

    Ledger Nano Firmware Update

    This from @spudowiar twitter Saleem Rashid‏ @spudowiar Mar 6 More Saleem Rashid Retweeted Ledger As one of the security researchers, I urge to update now. This article doesn't make it clear enough how dangerous this issue can be. Potential issues include compromised recovery seed generation or private key extraction.

    Any ripple fans ... pump underway

    Yes I saw this on twitter and elsewhere online. My favorite bit was when a member commented ''Dump ripple Tuesday morning! right got it!'' lol Interesting all the same
  4. Looks like you might need to go to the wallet and set a password for this new wallet. At least I had to set a new password for mine. Anybody know if the 12 word seed stays the same as the ZCL wallet?
  5. Here is a helpful chap showing how to claim your BTCP Bitcoin Private when they have the wallet ready.
  6. Don't question them, just sell lol Many folks just buying because it dropped XX percent and they think it will go up tomorrow or perhaps they are catching a bounce and we could be selling into it. Less than $25 and I will wait for a bounce or nothing. I'd rather hold it for forking lesson reminder than sell for less. I had a feeling the Bittrex wording left it open to a late announcement of some kind from them but did not bank on it. I even said so in my twitter in reply to a member but my twitter has been suspended because I said ''Poor Show'' to Bittrex The world has gone PC mad. 20 Years ago I could find them in the street and send them to the hospital and dentist in that order and had beers bought for me that night. Alas time's change including testosterone levels and wisdom
  7. @metallica73I consider myself lucky that I didn't drop 5K into ZCL when it was over $100 Might punt 5K on BTCP if and when it lists and dumps on Binance What could go wrong @ImHere Yep I was only kidding around with that. That's why I followed it up woth ''lol'' and ''On a serious note.... My snowballs all hit home #winning
  8. Yes manipulation indeed. Anybody care to share their exit strategy for ZCL? Not sure how or when to play this from my electrum wallet Well, after the snapshot anyway In the Bittrex statement it does say ''The market will re-open after 5pm UTC once the on-exchange snapshot is complete'' so I guess this answers my question....send it from Electrum to Bittrex after 5pm UTC 28-02-18 in under 6 hours time GMT https://btcprivate.org/ Looks like much hope pinned to Binance for Bitcoin Private. Binance would pump up a flat tyre if they could so who knows. It was always a gamble but it might take longer for this gamble to pay off, if at all Right, off to throw snow balls at old lady's and small children! (-:
  9. I replied to Bittrex on twitter that they were too slow to inform customers and imo is a poor show just using those words no swearing or anything. Next thing on twitter my account is suspended Fools
  10. Statement from Bittrex https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001271272 I need to read this again but at first glimpse it looks like everybody on Bittrex needs to buy ZCL with BTC to be able to be in with a chance to claim Bitcoin Private- Moon lol On a serious note they took far too long informing customers! a very poor show imo
  11. Still tempted to catch the falling knife last minute as I'm bleeding on this already haha
  12. Just to let everyone know that Bittrex withdrawal working ok (well it did for me this morning) Transfered out about 8am to electrum wallet, was marked as reserved on Bittrex for a bit Checked back at 9am and my ZCL is sitting in Electrum wallet Binance and or Bittrex should support Bitcoin Private at some point. Coinbase, Robinhood, Batman and Hulk would be the surprise of 2018 These price's, my word
  13. I got to my target of over 10 but my bittrex account was opened late so my dca is closer to $150 than the $100 it would be if I had risked buying from cryptopia or had a bittrex account opened sooner. I think I have to just ride it out, my eldest son in the UK wants a flash phone for his 12th birthday not far off (to upload gamer YouTube vids) such a good kid with lots to contend with health wise so my buying is over I think.
  14. I'm not sure if this is a calculted risk or just risk My thinking being wishful again that *What If* Bittrex does not announce soon (today or early tomorrow) and ZCL dumps hard I'd sure like to be in a position to pick it up at $80 - $60 - $40 etc Is that what the Whales are doing?? Assuming that Bitcoin Private will get the big exchange support last minute or after, otherwise I could lose my arse twice over Lost in a sea of thought and what if's