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  1. NEO Price watch

    Definitely yes every 3 consequent logging and you get random extra stake as well.
  2. NEO Price watch

    100 stakes= 1 token .
  3. NEO Price watch

    Got APH wallet , DEX should start 6.july. If you hold there SWTH should get AVA airdrop as well. But for some reason can't register for that epiphany airdrop.
  4. NEO Price watch

    Swapped to SWTH as well and found another 4k more of MCT in my wallet) will buy more EFX as I signed for pre registration Effect Force Mechanical Turk. Members will get small task to do and get paid by EFX.
  5. NEO Price watch

    Scripthash: a87cc2a513f5d8b4a42432343687c2127c60bc3f
  6. NEO Price watch

    Lovely, just added hash and got 8k MCT. There is another airdrop if you hold 2000 SWH in Neon wallet you will get AVA token . CGE rebranding to AVA ( Travala.com) You can book hotel, later full package holiday and pay by AVA instead of fiat.
  7. NEO Price watch

    In fist days of switcheo price of SWH was 0.012 USD I wish I bought some then)) APH token doing really well last 2 days , bought few 2 weeks ago.
  8. NEO Price watch

    I am in from ICO, nice gains , let's hope for at least 1 dollar at end of year. They adding Qtum tokens in Q2 and Eth tokens in Q3 . Really easy and smooth to use.
  9. I used it few time , bought bit of MAN , simple go to balance, full balance you will see what you got in MEW , deposit what you want to IDEX , then trade and send it back to MEW or any other wallet.
  10. NEO Token - Neon Exchange (NEX)

    You were not successful in round 1(( anybody got lucky? At least got in switchneo ICO.
  11. NEO Token - Neon Exchange (NEX)

    Registered , look like we have to send Neo from Neon wallet to Nex wallet to participate . Good luck everyone.
  12. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    @madstacks Neo network is overloaded , neotracker don't work it will take time.I send 2 neo yesterday to huobi and still waiting .
  13. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    Keeping my airdrop ,and just bought 100 then sell them and buy back to get free 100 ONT on Huobi.
  14. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    3 USD on Binance now let see what happens tomorrow when they list it on Huobi.
  15. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    2.14 USD for ONT on Binance , anyone selling their airdrops? HODL