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  1. @metallica73 Thank you, got just few in Cryptopia which don't support fork and no account on Bittrex.
  2. Is Electrum wallet suport ZCL fork?
  3. Just registered on whitelist only 5000 places available .Most advanced NEP-5 decentralized exchange built for the NEO platform. Holder of tokens will get 50% off trading fees so pretty similar as Binance. Got referral link if anyone interested and each can get 200 SWH if you are whitelisted and pass KYC and join Telegram group.
  4. Ontology ONT

    nothing for me , but got problem to receive KYC mail , got it on last day from Daniel , look like I will contact him again to check it in system. Some people get mails that they don't past KYC so be positive.
  5. STEEM

    @madstacks Don't want hijack but anybody looking on Narrative token is ongoing ICO on Neo platform similar to Steem , Reward will be 85% 1 NEO 333 tokens 0.34 USD Steem over 3 dolalars so potencial 10 x profit.
  6. @shawy250 ,Sorry I watched Ethereum and its going down again.
  7. Today I bought....

    Bought Neo, Vchain, COSS got orders on ICX, TNT if it deeps more down.
  8. How to update neon wallet and ledger

    @Trumar there is new wallet 0.1.1 already update week ago.
  9. Ontology ONT

    I don't have KYC mail at all((
  10. 117 on cryptopia but don't have any bitcoins there.
  11. The Key

    The same problem.
  12. The Key

    I last until 4am and missed application as well. Site still don't working but kukoin will list today similar selfkey (KEY) based on etherium network i believe . What you guys think about that one?
  13. The Key

    Anyone get in? @Lea79 Apex (CPX) but whitelisting for crown sale has closed within 15 min this morning.
  14. The Key

    0.035 tky x4546=158.9 USD miss one zero.