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  1. Today I bought....

    Today i bought coss also therefore that meaning the first time off of a smaller exchange Straight forward enough after only using coinbase binance and cryptomate in the past
  2. I didnt realise we accepted comedians on this panel btw anyone gone with bitcoin private or matrix
  3. SALT Lending platform and tokens

    Hi bitshark a true believer then Preach it brother john ! I will take another inspection Thanks
  4. SALT Lending platform and tokens

    Bitshark hows salt going ? I missed out on the lower price before the big increase but now im eyeing this reasonable looking current price Thoughts
  5. RT and win prize draw

    Dan metcalf 15
  6. Airdrops / Giveaways

    Had a look on kcash and it seems that its not yet trusted on iphone but you can go to your settings and change to trust Did anyone else experience this
  7. Today I bought....

    Verge in the bag Whats the opinion on salt even thiugh its got a long way to go
  8. Today I bought....

    Thanks stacks Yes only bought ether on coinbase so i had something to trade with and also recieved the extra 10 dollars of bitcoin for my troubles as a reward for purchase over 100 dollars
  9. Win $5 of LTC - Enter by 5th January 2018

    8 Danregal
  10. Today I bought....

    Stackpot. I have some etherium on coinbase for the purpose of exchanging to verge but after having a good read up im still not clear of the best process
  11. Today I bought....

    Hi howard im having bit prob buying verge suggestions most welcome coz i want to merge
  12. Today I bought....

    To be honest I saw it on cryptomate and they seem to have added some extra coins lately. But so far it seems a pretty straight forward place to buy. Or maybe they are just trying to punt some old stock. But remember I am a newbie but do like to watch what’s happening.
  13. Today I bought....

    Yes probably true. Only heard about it yesterday so just feeling it out. How about Ark.
  14. Today I bought....

    Britcoin or Ark. just trying to get some feedback other than what I have read. As it seems like there are a lot of things Ark would like to do. Wouldn’t we all !
  15. Today I bought....

    Today I bought ripple. Technically yesterday ha has anyone bought Britcoin. I’m just wondering.