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  1. NEO could hit $50 if this is going to be a deep cut, a lot will be up for grabs before a bull run
  2. Ahhh now I remember that one, as soon as I read it I thought “nahhhh” .
  3. Might keep my eye on it, but also looking at something else which I might be going all in on.
  4. https://news.bitcoin.com/germany-treads-lightly-on-bitcoin-taxation/?utm_source=Germany Treads Lightly on&utm_medium=telegram&utm_campaign=Telegram Channel https://news.bitcoin.com/japan-to-call-for-crypto-rules-at-the-g20-summit/
  5. https://btcmanager.com/grim-reaper-bear-report-will-bitcoin-bottom-out-near-4000/
  6. News Thread

    American government asked them to hand over details of American investors for tax purposes
  7. I’d wait and sit in USDT, there is an incoming shitstorm, i’ve Heard price range from $7200 down to $4000 which will happen this weekend until around Monday, G20 starts this weekend. Its up to you guys what you do, but i’m all in Tether just now and waiting. After 23rd March we should start seeing a bull run into June at least, the bull run theory cane from a whale, i’m Sitting in his telegram group.
  8. I think it will be $8200 and possibly lower, the G20 starts next week with BTC on the agenda, as far as Icon goes, i’ve Seen a $1.77 call recently. Some of you who have spare should take a look at Theta, it’s been holding strong in this bear market and hasn’t even started to pump yet. Youtube and twitch founders on the advisor board and recently brought in Steve Dakh, I don’t think this one will disappoint. Hodl till Q4. Smasung and Sony are onboard with this project also, ICO was cancelled due to private funding, ICO price was 0.12 cent, now around 0.17 or thereabouts, so still time for anyone interested.
  9. Wasn’t it vechain that got the bad press for the valentines giveaway f**k up where the twitter controller of vechain collected one of the $40 prizes and had forgot to switch accounts before claiming it? Wiped $100 million of their value, all for $40.....
  10. It’s the only exchange that Delta has it listed under (for now)
  11. You shouldn't hold BTC in a downturn, it should be cashed out into fiat and bought back at the slightest hint of an upturn. Try whalepool live on Youtube. Most of those guys trade through bitfinex and add stop losses, shorting and going long. I would say around 75% of their calls are good, i also add guys who i see make good calls on twitter and take a general concencus from numerous individuals there along with whalepool
  12. In my delta app BTCP is on tradesatoshi at $63.90