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  1. Today was a very strange one, pumped out of nowhere, still being a little cautious at this point
  2. hugh_janus

    New Alt Coin Tips Please

    I’d hold off buying any alt coins right now, bitcoin will be dropping into the $6k area. HPB is a coin that i’ll be buying into when it dips, I have had some good info on this one and came from a very good group, buy under or around $3 and sell around $8 at end of Q2 beginnng if Q3 currently on bibox and kucoin. I bought BNB at $11.66 and jumped out at $13.59, so i’d leave that one now. Another coin that has great potential is Theta, this is in Huobi right now and sitting around 0.10 cent, they pulled the ICO due to Sony and Samsung VR investing into it, as a general rule, any coin that has had private investment and no ICO has great potential. Uo to you guys if you invest or not, but i’m Already in Theta and waiting to buy into HPB when bitcoin dips. Regarding Theta, take at look at what it’s teying to solve then look up the new movie due out called “Ready player one” you’ll see how close they match
  3. hugh_janus

    NEO Price watch

    Try HPB, target for end of Q2 $8
  4. hugh_janus

    NEO Price watch

    An imminent mainnet launch will always increase a tokens price, you should have hung around until its announcement at least
  5. hugh_janus

    Bounce back??

    This came from a very good trader, only missed 1 call so far from over 24. This was posted 2-3 days ago we are heading for one more dip near 6k and then the full recovery of Bitcoin. Eta I don't know. Also, if it will be slightly under 6k or slightly over.. the point is, then is your time to rebuy and celebrate all the way up! All the way up! This is my final btc update — It will make it round ten accurate predictions (actually eleven because it will fully touch 6k level and it will go upwards to full recovery after that). I gave you this in bearish times because you needed it, now after this last rebuy - we focus on alts, profits time to set new records, in profits!
  6. hugh_janus

    Bounce back??

    BTC Daily Analysis Green day for BTC. Pumped up to 7400-7500 range where it consolidated for a while. The important question is "why?" Late last night, it was revealed that there was "billions of dollars" worth of institutional money looking to buy bitcoin OTC. This means they want to buy a large amount of bitcoin without using an exchange, instead going through a trusted person. The reason OTC buying is used is because if someone just went on bitfinex and bought a billion dollars of bitcoin the price would soar out of control and that's not good for the buyer. There is a lot of speculation surrounding this news since the stock market seems like it's on the verge of collapse which would suggest the big players are looking to get out of assets instead of in. So, why on earth would they be looking to move to an even riskier speculative asset? My theory is that they are planning to manipulate BTC up when the stock market crashes to make it appear people are rotating into crypto, attracting fomo and rallying prices. Typical pump and dump scheme stuff.
  7. hugh_janus

    Bounce back??

    It will bounce back in 2018, the price is being surpressed so that Wall Street can buy in at lower cost, i’m expecting the $6k region sometime very soon and then a bullrun
  8. hugh_janus

    Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    The group i use for tips is run by a couple of whales, of the most vocal of these is D MAN, he has developed a bot that scrapes the internet for sentiment and then the bot produces results for BTC ETH and LTC, it has been very accurate of late and might be useful for some of you. Here is the telegram link to join and check the daily results https://t.me/theliquidator
  9. Another incoming dip, this will be around $6k mark, if you’re buying BTC then it could go either side, this i’m Hearing is the last one before a bullrun. Fill the Christmas stocking with your favourite alts
  10. hugh_janus

    NEO Token - Neon Exchange (NEX)

    ONT is also a good buy just now, due a mainnet launch in Q2 and will also pay GNT (like NEO Gas) I bought 243 last night and made $100 within 1hr when btc shot up, sold 45 to take out a quick profit and moved that into another bag, holding the rest now for the mainnet pump
  11. hugh_janus

    NEO Token - Neon Exchange (NEX)

    I think i mentioned somewhere on the forum that i thought NEO would get to $45, bitcoin is heading for $6k again and possibly less, so time your buy if you buy more.
  12. hugh_janus

    Can ETH will become No1 Position

    All time high
  13. hugh_janus

    Night mode

    Interesting, haven’t found found that