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  1. JCRJM

    Today I bought....

    Bought some BTC
  2. I seen a tweet 2017: Look mum I turned 15k into millions. 2018: Look mum I turned millions into 15k :))) So tru
  3. Right now i'm seeing so many sell. I'm happy to take the risk of it going to 0. I was trying to tell my friend how he shouldn't be selling just now but I don't know if he is hodling. I think for me its best I don't look at the charts as often now
  4. JCRJM


    Aw fair enough. Im not sure i think it will keep getting dearer. Could try getting as much second hand parts as possible so you can splurge a bit more on new cards?
  5. JCRJM


    Yeh mate id defo pass on the A3. From experience now id say if you can build 8-12 card rigs thats what id choose. Maybe a full rig of 1060 6gb nvidia always see them available so think you might be able to get them quite readily available. If not i think the rx580 AMD. Might be a shout.
  6. JCRJM


    I dont think so. I think weve been earning about the same throughout the month. I am aiming for 1 btc this year so can only hope price stays down for a bit longer
  7. JCRJM


    Tbh I hope it stays down or goes lower for aslong as possible
  8. JCRJM


    That is from an s9 and l3+ and it has been runnning since the 28th of december.
  9. JCRJM


    Hi mate ive not yet measured the output but here is what weve made so far. All earnings go to this wallet https://blockchain.info/address/34DQxE2HAEwAtRkum7CfJqQciEFE5c6HAX
  10. JCRJM

    Win a CryptoSteel

    Ticket number 12
  11. I think as Bitcoin cash needs to increase block size It will become more and more centralised. Due to the storage you would need. So I think long term it will probably stay but never replace BTC.
  12. JCRJM


    Thanks mate I will get one ordered. After going through the whole process I think I will aim to build a rig next. Watching videos on youtube it looks a lot more fun that just plugging in a miner.
  13. JCRJM


    Not 100% sure yet they have only been running since the 28th of december mate. I would say now from experience building rigs that are profitable a little longer than the ASICS are more worth it because with the ASIC there are so many problems. We didnt account for import duties which added about £250 to each miner. Then one of the PSUs did not work so we had to buy one from ebay for £140. Also if this ever went downhill i think the ASIC would be worthless but atleast if you keep the boxes for the GPUs you can resell and get some % back. I will need to get a plug that tells us the usage but for now the place we are keeping them we will just be checking the difference in electricity price Also if you get the miner from Bitmain direct and it doesnt work like our PSU then i think you can only write it down as a bad investment because by the time you ship it out and in again the price you will have paid will be too great
  14. JCRJM


    I have an s9 and an L3+ heres what the money looks like for the two of them: https://www.nicehash.com/miner/34DQxE2HAEwAtRkum7CfJqQciEFE5c6HAX
  15. JCRJM


    I agree with this advice. Just to add if you start with your one computer as said above you get a GPU in it nicehash is the most simple way of making money for a user. You can use a website like nanopool which is not difficult but maybe a little harder than nicehash. This way u can mine some altcoins right away. Nicehash payout to external wallet is now 0.01 BTC so if you just have a low quality GPU payout could take forever. Currently on my home computer I have a 1060 NVIDIA gpu and I mine Ethereum classic on it which has a minimum payout of 0.1 which with a single 1060 I get a payout just under every 2 days. You will also need to setup a wallet beforehand for the coins to be sent to when you reach the threshold.