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  1. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    I'm going to try and commit some time to this at the weekend as I've been neglecting it recently. I'm starting to wonder if I have a corrupt file or something as the prices are unbelievably static, and I wonder if it's been like this since I downloaded the last version. There always seems to be folk on the Discord channel talking about bugs so I'll check to see if there's another update. Kind of wish I could start again tbh, but while I haven't sold any bags then I haven't made any losses yet. In terms of profit I think I've just about made up the initial cost of PT but my total bags aren't far off that at the moment.
  2. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Nutter sounds about right, 12 pairs and 5% buy cost with that balance I've still got bags of IGNIS and DGB from the big crash at -45 and -30%. DGB has occasional pumps now and then so it may clear but I suspect I'm stuck with the other shitcoin.
  3. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    A guy called Crypto Face https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vWWps2XJFE&list=WL&index=11 My bot is a disaster area at the moment. Even my bag of ETH is at -10% and that's the best one I changed my indicator settings as per that vid and immediately made 2 sales which went into the green as soon as I bought them, maybe just coincidence but very welcome in a sea of red.
  4. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Once I'm out of my current baggage I think I'm going to try something completely different. I'v been looking at other approaches on youtube including changing the indicator settings. One guy is running a small balance of about $500 with 12 pairs, 5% buy cost and only 2 DCA levels, and making 5% a day. Not sure I'd go that aggressive but it's interesting to see different strategies.
  5. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Must have been a bit of volatility overnight. Before I went to bed BTC was at 11280 and when I woke up it was 10300. The way it seems to work is - BTC goes down, alts plummet. BTC goes up, alts go sideways. Another day I can forget about the bot!
  6. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Not much going on here the last couple of days, about 0.25% gains. Mostly locked up in bags at the moment but it should clear as it's decent coins like ETH, LTC etc. Still have the big ones from the earlier crash, but I kind of ignore them as they've become part of the furniture It seems from the Discord chat most people are similar at the moment unless they have big balance and lots of pairs. I'm essentially now using Gnome's moderate settings with more aggressive DCA, so can't really do much about the market unless I want to experiment with different strategies like EMASPREAD, LOWBB etc, which is all Dutch to me.
  7. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Those are nice numbers. After waiting in anticipation for my max DCA'd bag of NBT to sell, it eventually did... for 1.03%. A welcome $1.78 nonetheless. Better day today so far, still only about 0.7% profit but 9 trades including one with a $3.30 gain.
  8. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    I've never seen such static prices. 0.05% yesterday and 0.1% so far today. I do have a 4x DCA bag of NBT teasing me by dipping into the green now and again but it has been there all day. Other than that just a few 20 cent sales today.
  9. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    I've been doing some trading but nearly everything is making about 18-25 cents. Every pair the bot buys seems to sit around the -0.5 to -1.0% level for hours on end before selling for 1.05% profit without any DCA. May just be a slow market since the dip, but being an impatient sort myself I'll have to look into different buy strategies.
  10. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    I have 5 pairs but am essentially running 3 at the moment with my 2 maxed bags from the crash. If/when they clear I'll probably stick to 4. The frustrating thing at the moment is how sideways everything is - I'll see pairs sitting at nearly the exact same figure for hours. It's hard to be precise about my total BTC profits since the start as I've lost some history and moved some balance out, but in $ terms I made $45 in week 3, after around $100 in weeks 1 & 2. This is weekly gains of 5.5, 5.5 and 3.5% which I'm happy with considering the learning experience with the price drop.
  11. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Are you making many trades a day with this approach? I find nearly all my sales are barely over 1%. Since the price fall the BTC market seems to be very sideways.
  12. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    My bot seems to be back in the game now with a few small trades today. The last 2 bags have come down from -40 and -25 to -20 and -10 since last night too. Just noticed that RISE coin I sold at a 20% loss before it was removed from Bittrex surged 22% on its last day
  13. Today I bought....

    I have both too but am gold-heavy, as I also prefer it. My silver purchase just brings me up to a nice round number of ounces. I will buy gold soon too but nothing I fancied on HGM just now
  14. Today I bought....

    Today I bought... a big pile of silver. Sorry! First metal purchase since I bought my first crypto
  15. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Made a sale overnight with QTUM going from -17% to a profit, so a welcome $5 after a few days of nothing. I now have a bit of balance for get going again but it hasn't taken any new pairs on yet. I've tweaked settings to hopefully avoid another apocalypse if things go south again - 4 pairs, slightly reduced buy cost etc. If it stays slow I think I'll try a different strategy altogether.