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  1. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    The alt coins seem to be having a decent run at the moment and my bot has been performing quite well. Had over 1% yesterday and averaging 0.5-0.7% daily My last remaining big bag from the crash has gained 30% in the last few days, but still at -19% There are risks, as most of us found out when BTC and everything else crashed earlier this year. My bot purchased a couple of coins that went down, down, down until they had lost 50% and 70%. It does seem to perform well though when the market is reasonably stable.
  2. Today I bought....

    5 more NEO Also, the other day just on a whim I spent some BTC dust (about $55 worth) on MAX after seeing Max Keiser talking it up, and tbh mostly thinking he was joking. It's up 500% since then so I bought a gold sovereign with the profit
  3. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Looks like it's working well. I'll look into that if I decide to put a bit more BTC in and start spending more time on this again. I've used a bit more of my PT balance elsewhere so am down to just over 0.1 BTC, but bizarrely since I sold my huge bag the bot has been on a spree and made over 30 trades.
  4. NEO Price watch

    These are not far off the prices I first bought at. I was looking to buy some gold this weekend but now I'm in two minds and may pick up another 5 or 10 NEO instead or as well as. I also finally got round to getting the new Neon wallet too so got my 1.5 ONT
  5. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    I've been away for a week and actually completely forgot about the bot. On my return it hadn't done much, but I decided it was time to bite the bullet and bin my bag of IGNIS which was down to an impressive -73%. I still have DGB at -49% which I will probably punt as well, but at least I've freed up a space for another pair for now.
  6. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    I confess I've not been keeping up - what are 'signals'?
  7. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    My latest news is that IGNIS continues to plummet, now down to -68%. DGB hot on its heels at -47%. I'm making a few sales but really spending almost no time at all on this now. I really can't see the big bags turning it around so temped to can them and put it down to experience.
  8. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Bear in mind IGNIS had already fallen 93% in 24 hrs when my bot decided to invest in it . If you didn't laugh you'd cry!
  9. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    This is quite a clear picture of how BTC is slowly recapturing its market share. It was collapsing during the big 'everything rally' before Christmas but has breached 40% again. Not a good trend for those with big bags on PT, all mine are lower again today.
  10. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Maybe not. Admittedly I don't spend nearly as much time watching guides/updates as I used to, but in Gnome's own updates he often says he's happy with how Feeder helps ride the market. The entire crypto market cap is half what it was in January so I suppose we can't expect it to be the same with so much less money sloshing around.
  11. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    I've made 2 sales since Sunday. Amazing difference to pre-crash when I made 12-20 per day. Maybe that was just a lucky time to start out, I don't know, but it's like the bot can't cope with market conditions now unless you spend more on Feeder.
  12. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    I wish my balance was small enough to not care about selling up and starting again. I have 6 pairs enabled but realistically only running with 2 as the others are bagged up long term, including IGNIS which is now at -53% That's about a $140 loss if I sold it at that. Even if I put more BTC in for more DCA levels I wouldn't want to risk anymore on some of these coins.
  13. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    Yeah I think I'm pushing my luck hoping it will continue paying out profits much longer. The bot in general has been a bit more productive this weekend, with a decent number of small sales and my ETH bag has come down from -10% to flirting with green. Yesterday was the best day for over a week.
  14. Trading Bots.... any thoughts?

    A bit of volatility in ZCL then...