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  1. Lea79

    NEO Price watch

    Neo is ridiculously cheap atm. I was debating on what to buy tomorrow. It was between neo, btc, ltc and eth. Think I’ll just stock pile more neo 😃.
  2. Lea79


    I’m only in a small amount atm but it’s halved this wk. It’s crazy to think neo is only £11 atm!! These prices are what they were back when I started buyin in aug last yr of which I wish I’d bought more come Dec. Who knows when crypto will bounce back. Im with Metallica. I’m gonna buy more btc, eth, ltc and neo while it’s cheap and hold until the market recovers.
  3. Lea79

    Today I bought....

    Just bought a couple more neo 😀.
  4. Lea79

    NEO Price watch

    And I’m back in the game. Just bought 30 neo and 5 ltc 😃.
  5. Lea79

    Hi guys 😃

    I do still like nano. It’s quick and free. Just what you want from a crypto. Nanex exchange is great it just need more volume. Neos my fav tho 😃
  6. Lea79

    Hi guys 😃

    I still have a little btc, neo, eth, Nano and gvt. The nano and gvt is down like 50%!! Maybe I should just sell it and stick it in neo. Btc, neo and eth are all up to what I payed for them tho. I was very fortunate to sell the majority of my stack just before this drop. If I hadn’t have found a house to buy I’d still b hodling. I can’t help myself but get back in with these prices tho. Seems like a perfect buyin oppprtunity compared with Xmas time last yr 😃.
  7. Lea79

    Hi guys 😃

    Neo made me a lot of money the last bull run and just after. If I sell some gold this wk I’m thinking I’ll probably sink a grand back in. At the end of the day it’s only money I made off it in the first place. It’s between ltc and neo but neo looks a better buy atm. I think Neos a solid project and it pays dividends. It’s got more chance of taking off again than some of the others. How long that will take who knows. Hopefully not too many people got their fingers burnt in the crash and would buy again. I’m planning on hodling until it doubles then take some profit again.
  8. Lea79

    Hi guys 😃

    It looks like this place has been hit by a lot of spam. Let’s hope the bull run starts again. I’m just glad I took most out just before it dropped soooo low. How are you guys fairing? What are you buying these days? Any tips?
  9. Hi guys 😃 I’ve been away for a while what with starting a new job and buying a house. Looks like the market has taken a hammering!! I still have a small stack but I’m planning on adding to it again on payday. So what have I missed? Anything I need to be aware of before I dive rite back in?
  10. Lea79

    NEO Price watch

    Lovley I just got 2k also. Do you kno the hash by any chance? I can see them with my o3 wallet but I haven’t added the hash to neon yet.
  11. Lea79

    NEO Price watch

    Yeah but only for about a grand. I’ll proobably build it back up slowly 😃.
  12. Lea79

    NEO Price watch

    I sold 96 neo this wkend. FairPlay to coinbase, the money is already in my account (traded neo for eth on binance and sold the eth on gdax). Thanks for the partial house deposit neo team. You rock 😃.
  13. Lea79

    Next big crypto 2018

    For a small market cap coin I like spank chain. The porn industry is massive and spank chain has no competitors. If it takes off it could be huge. My favourite tho is genisis vision. It’s not a penny crypto but a great idea for a company. I shall b investing a fair size part of my portfolio when it goes live. Hopefully a professional trader will be able to make more money than I can.
  14. Lea79

    Today I sold......

    I sold eth to pay for 2 Indian head gold coins. Can’t wait to get em 😃.
  15. I bought btc just before the jump. The price it is now compared to nov/dec time is a steal. Bought eth last wk too. That’s up 37%.