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  1. Today I bought....

    Bought xrb @ 5.40 and neo @80 ish on the dump 😃
  2. NEO Token - Neon Exchange (NEX)

    Yeah I think so. Apparently it’s a lottery. You submit your kyc stuff and they randomly pick who can participate.
  3. NEO Token - Neon Exchange (NEX)

    Yeah neo and gas.
  4. NEO Token - Neon Exchange (NEX)

    Saw on Reddit yesterday that the ICO is starting 25th of feb on the website. Are you going to b participating Chris? I am.
  5. It is crazy low atm. The bit grail fiasco has driven the price right down. A lot of people have lost thousands and have lost some faith in the coin. The currrencys objectives remain unchanged. It’s still the fastest and cheapest form of transferring money. Nano is a good buy at these prices. I’m buying more. If your gonna get into nano now’s the time guys.
  6. Just to accurately measure the speed of transaction I bought more. It took exactly 20 seconds from the time I confirmed my withdrawal via email to hitting my wallet. Awesome!! Taking a more in-depth look at the UI. The fact it’s simple is not a bad thing. It’s so simple a monkey use it. If you’ve got nano, I would definatly recommend you apply for the test wallet. Its a better option than storing it on an exchange expecially after the bitgrail fiasco. Glad I tried the wallet out. Its persuaded my to get back into a position in nano. With this speed and no charge, it’s bound to do better than it is today.
  7. Hi guys 😃 Prior to selling all my nano, I applied to test the nano iOS wallet. Law and behold the day after I sold it all to buy gold I get the email to test it!! As it would be rude not to test it I bought a few just to see how it works. On transferring my nano from kucoin it took about 30 seconds to show up in the wallet!! Quicker than all the other currency’s I’ve ever used. I got burned a little with the price of nano dropping, but witnessing the speed of transfer was awesome. Has anyone else used the nano wallet? What do you think? I’m impressed with speed but the UI could do with a little work. A wallet lock would be nice too.
  8. Today I sold......

    Not too much. I sold half when it was around 14 quid. I’m gonna sell most of the gold and take the family on holiday and buy a smart car haha. I’ve got 4 gold coins left for me tho. How much do you think is reasonable for a sov? Do you think £240 posted is a fair price?
  9. Today I sold......

    Today I halved my neo position. I sold 59 neo and some xrb and bought 5 grands worth of gold 😃.
  10. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    I don’t think it’s gonna be worth a lot initially as it’s got a high supply and it’s free, but once theyre own blockchain who knows, it could do well.
  11. So neo holder are getting free ONT then 😃. https://neo.org/blog/details/3061 i love neo!!!
  12. Ontology ONT

    Yayyy I got the same msg 😃 also neo are air dropping ont to neo holders at a ratio of 1 neo to 0.2 ont on or around the 1st of March. They must be in a wallet and only 50% will b air dropped directly to your neo wallet. The rest will be given to you on the ontology main net release. Good news all round!!
  13. Today I bought....

    I love gold. There’s always something I fancy haha. I’ve been off silver for a while. Sold the bulk of it a while back. Turned that into gold. You can never have too much gold haha.
  14. Today I bought....

    I’ve gone right off silver, I prefer gold. Think I mite sell mine. Anybody wanna swap for some crypto? Or cash 😃.
  15. STEEM

    So I just pick the one with the best apr.... make a whale looks good haha.