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  1. NEO Price watch

    Lovley I just got 2k also. Do you kno the hash by any chance? I can see them with my o3 wallet but I haven’t added the hash to neon yet.
  2. NEO Price watch

    Yeah but only for about a grand. I’ll proobably build it back up slowly 😃.
  3. NEO Price watch

    I sold 96 neo this wkend. FairPlay to coinbase, the money is already in my account (traded neo for eth on binance and sold the eth on gdax). Thanks for the partial house deposit neo team. You rock 😃.
  4. Next big crypto 2018

    For a small market cap coin I like spank chain. The porn industry is massive and spank chain has no competitors. If it takes off it could be huge. My favourite tho is genisis vision. It’s not a penny crypto but a great idea for a company. I shall b investing a fair size part of my portfolio when it goes live. Hopefully a professional trader will be able to make more money than I can.
  5. Today I sold......

    I sold eth to pay for 2 Indian head gold coins. Can’t wait to get em 😃.
  6. I bought btc just before the jump. The price it is now compared to nov/dec time is a steal. Bought eth last wk too. That’s up 37%.
  7. Dare I say it but.... do you think we’re over the worse of this crash. My portfolio seems to be up over a grand compared to last wk. @hugh_janus what do you think?
  8. I use a paid vpn for my laptop but a free one for my fone. I Only use them on open networks. I looked into the onion Reddit group the other day to get some understanding of vpns and the tor network. It was a bit creepy tbh. I’m all for privacy of my data but some of the shit they were talking about made my skin crawl!!
  9. I just signed up for this too. Still waiting for aph to get listed somewhere lol
  10. NEO Price watch

    Neos looking an awesome bargain atm. I’ve stuck 100 neo away for a rainy day and I’m working on another portfolio while these prices are so low. It’s like going back to June last year. I thought about picking more ont up but it just seems too expensive atm 😃.
  11. NEO Price watch

    I was thinking the same. Oh well you win some you lose some. I’m still in profit wither way 😃.
  12. Today I bought....

    btc and eth. I haven’t bought to hodl either in a long time but with these prices it’s worth getting some stable coins.
  13. I like bit screener. It’s shows you all of the above with an added over view of the coin, news links, exchanges it’s listed on and a range of charts from the time the coin started. It also shows your profit/loss ratio, your portfolios as a pie chart. It has different alert functions for volume, price etc and has a really handy crypto screener bit so you can find new icos. Everything in one place really.
  14. NEO Token - Neon Exchange (NEX)

    I didn’t get in the ICO either 😢. I’m gonna buy more neo tho. I’m gonna put some of the profits I took out back in. Hopefully it’ll be a rinse and repeat of last time.
  15. NEO Token - Neon Exchange (NEX)

    I haven’t checked yet. I’m gonna have a look when I finish work in the morning. Shame neos price is shite atm, will have to put more in.