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  1. Helpinghands

    NEO Price watch

    Could GAS be falling in demand due to the forthcoming fractional NEO?
  2. Helpinghands

    Hi guys 😃

    I've traded all the way down between alts and btc. I've increased my btc but not to the level of fiat I had at the peak. I'm trying to keep as much in btc as possible at the moment because if ETFs are actually confirmed then the alts will get left behind.
  3. Helpinghands

    Hi guys 😃

    Only the Neo thread has been active. Now you're back the bull run can commence.
  4. Helpinghands

    Today I bought....

    I've been doing the same. I assumed that the stakes were only for this pre-distribution phrase but if they are useful after too then I want have any/many.
  5. Helpinghands

    Today I bought....

    July 10th
  6. Helpinghands

    NEO Price watch

    Well I trust the lead man on this as much I as trusted the one for BitcoinPrivate. So not much. The fork is supposedly Sept 9th but like the last one I would only be buying to sell in the pump leading up to it....if there is one. My orders are still a good 20% below the current price for the time being.
  7. Helpinghands

    NEO Price watch

    It will pick up if btc breaks the all time high. 😐 Are you planning to buy any ZCL leading up to the BTC ANON fork? (....when the time is right...whenever that is)
  8. Helpinghands

    NEO Price watch

    Haha. The spam on the forum didn't help either. It probably would've been better just having a crypto section on TSF.
  9. Helpinghands

    NEO Price watch

    It wont load but r/cryptocurrency wont either.. I think reddit it broke.
  10. Helpinghands

    NEO Price watch

    I reckon they'll add more info to that tweet riddle soon. Somebody knows something. I saw that massive order.
  11. Helpinghands

    NEO Price watch

    Who remembers the last riddle? https://steemit.com/neo/@thecryptomaniak/neo-announcement
  12. Helpinghands

    NEO Price watch

    Ah, you need to click the 'sign in' box above the daily login calendar thingy.
  13. You could use the historical snapshots on coinmarketcap to see how they would have worked out up until now. https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/
  14. For buying: I'll start laddering orders a decent percentage below the base eg. 5%, 8%, 12% ..... For selling: I'd set a sell order back at the base. Depending on the coin I may sell all, almost all and keep the profit in the coin or 30%-50% and see if it goes higher. Any profit is good.
  15. Helpinghands

    Recommended exchange markets

    Never heard of them. There are plenty of coins to choose from on well known exchanges.