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  1. And now a big buy wall appears to shut me up... ha.
  2. It's just not sustainable to go from 0.0115 to 0.0133. People will take some profits. I was out at 0.0119 (too early I could've trebled my profit) and I've set more low orders just in case.
  3. I wasn't expecting that bounce to 0.0133, I sold way earlier than that. I suspect it's going to drop a bit again from there.
  4. Ico your thoughts

  5. (Just a thread for what's happening right now) LTC on the move. Could be start of the Litepay pump (release Feb 26th???)
  6. Bounce back??

    Impulse wave -> ABC correction -> Next Impulse wave (on which wave 1 completes inverted head and shoulders) would give this. What's to worry about?
  7. If you're going to buy into a coin don't put the full amount in. Maybe put 50% in now and then ladder multiple low orders for the remaining 50%. That way you can keep the first 50% and should the low orders fill you can sell those on spikes.....then rinse and repeat.
  8. Oh well that's alright. Selling a piece (eg 25%) on a spike and buying back cheaper is a good habit to get in to.
  9. Even if you didn't sell, having some btc available to trade with would at the very least reduce your average price per coin when dumps happen.
  10. Buy dumps when everyone is panicking and sell the bounce.
  11. It depends. I'm not bothered about having any coins post fork so it's been fantastic to trade.
  12. Panic selling now if anybody wants to buy.