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  1. NEO Price watch

    Ah, you need to click the 'sign in' box above the daily login calendar thingy.
  2. You could use the historical snapshots on coinmarketcap to see how they would have worked out up until now. https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/
  3. For buying: I'll start laddering orders a decent percentage below the base eg. 5%, 8%, 12% ..... For selling: I'd set a sell order back at the base. Depending on the coin I may sell all, almost all and keep the profit in the coin or 30%-50% and see if it goes higher. Any profit is good.
  4. Recommended exchange markets

    Never heard of them. There are plenty of coins to choose from on well known exchanges.
  5. I'm just trying to improve my average price by buying the base cracks (first circle) and selling all but the btc profit back at the base (second circle). (edit: I mean selling almost all of the trade, not all the btc I have) Haejin Lee has this:
  6. News Thread

  7. Live Market Chat

    It'd be nice if somebody announced soon that no more of the Mt.Gox coins will be dumped on the market.
  8. Live Market Chat

    This looks very symmetrical to me.
  9. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    Ah. Very nice.
  10. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    I thought it was 0.1 ONT per Neo distrubuted? That's a lot of Neo.
  11. Bounce back??

    When moon? Maybe soon if we get through past $11,100
  12. Bounce back??

    Hopefully we'll have another go at that trend line.
  13. Bittrex probably just won't comment if they aren't supporting the airdrop. I haven't any now. I'm just playing the drops. I've got some orders 0.0082 and below in case it drops below the 0.0086 base during this reddit thing.