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  1. daOnlyBG

    RT and win prize draw

    ....is this still going on...?
  2. daOnlyBG

    Win $5 of LTC - Enter by 5th January 2018

    4 daonlybg
  3. Honestly, with the exception of its value bouyed by other crypto, I'm really unsure of how Dogecoin could make a comeback. I don't need to bash the crypto itself- I actually own a few dollars' worth of Dogecoin and, like, 96,000 worth of Gopnik Coin. Shoulda sold when it was worth 220 satoshi- not that I paid anything for it, haha.
  4. daOnlyBG

    RT and win prize draw

    11 @LulzyFuck (yes, that's my username, sorry)
  5. daOnlyBG

    Bought my first Litecoin

    I can attest to Coinbase's safety. It's a US-based startup with substantial funding that's looking to grow. Even when things go south on Coinbase, the team is good about fixing stuff quickly and at the very least ensuring that no one loses anything they've already owned. My only beef with them is that their "$10 referral" award is a bit... well, too good to be true. The point of this review is to give you some ease about keeping a little bit of LTC in Coinbase, though I'd store any currency you don't see using for the next year or two into a cold wallet.