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  1. stackspot

    Your Pick For Biggest Percentage Gains

    I'm overspent at the moment but if my next punt coincides with low prices I'm looking at NAS
  2. stackspot

    Today I bought....

    Just bought some SingularityNET AGI on Kucoin Nothing like a bit of artificial intelligence on a Friday evening
  3. stackspot

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forum
  4. stackspot

    Today I bought....

    A Ledger Nano S So a new education for me
  5. stackspot

    Win a CryptoSteel

    Ticket number 2
  6. stackspot

    Welcome me to community!

    Welcome to the forum
  7. stackspot

    Gas; how do you spend yours?

    If you buy more Neo you get more gas😏
  8. Has anyone looked at the Titanium ICO It’s an ICO that’s live now and it’s very easy to get into (maybe too easy) There’s a youtuber (Keith Wareing) who’s quite entertaining who rates this (pinch of salt and all that) What do you think. I’d be interested to hear.🙂
  9. stackspot

    Today I bought....

    Bought some Selfkey (KEY) on Kucoin. Going by Coinmarketcap's chart looks like it"s only out about 1 1/2 hours and it started at 0.05 or 0.06 cents. Got them for 0.08.
  10. stackspot

    The Key

    Or does anyone know anyone who got in🤔
  11. stackspot

    The Key

    Sorry I brought it up in the first place
  12. stackspot

    The Key

    What a disaster
  13. stackspot

    The Key

    Can't even log in
  14. stackspot

    Nihil sine Deo presentation

    Welcome to the forum