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  1. HowardHughes

    Neo holders free ONT air drop

    Thanks a heap @metallica73 Was a little confused on the process to be honest.
  2. HowardHughes

    Today I bought....

    XRP @ .70. May have been a few days ago to be honest. The crypto world I live in, does not segregate 24 hour periods... A lot of people have made money off Ripple and the chance to double up is too hard to pass up.
  3. Currently having the same issue. Thanks for clearing up the DOES BITTREX PAY GAS question also... I can see an extended holiday for my NEO as soon the wallet is unlocked. Would anyone suggest to use the NEON wallet as I was heading that way before NEO was locked? Many thanks
  4. HowardHughes

    Win a CryptoSteel

    Ticket number 6
  5. HowardHughes

    Just Bought a lot more NEO during the "fire sale"

    I did the same, I tossed up between the two, as well as a few others in a separate transaction. NEO won the NEO vs LTC round and ADA won the ADA vs XVG round. I like them all but yesterday was about big calls and moves. Glad to see others followed suit and made some solid moves as well by the sounds of it.
  6. HowardHughes

    NEO Price watch

    Any ideas on why Bittrex would suspend NEO wallet for maintenance for so long? Think it has been 3 days now... I am aware they suspend due to high fluctuation but has anyone else experienced such long delays? Thanks
  7. HowardHughes

    Today I bought....

    SIA, I love the artists music and a song of hers came on randomly whilst making a selection for the day... Hi STACKSPOT, sorry I missed your question, life has been hectic around here to say the least... II see Dan Regal answered and I would of suggested the same platforms, BITTREX is my prefered however. Have a great day all. Great day for crypto !!
  8. HowardHughes

    Today I sold......

    Good call man, Hence why I kept a lot, and gambled away the other bits on a new ICO after selling at a nice profit margin... A lot of important dates are coming up in the next few weeks, JAN 8 a big one. Cheers man
  9. HowardHughes

    Today I sold......

    Half of my Ripple for a great quick profit considering its price when purchased / interesting to watch its manipulation over the next few days...
  10. HowardHughes

    Ledger Nano S questions

    Thanks Chris, I have been having issues through the above mentioned app... Will give a more solid go and if unsuccessful I will reach out again if needed. Many thanks. for all your your help
  11. HowardHughes

    Ledger Nano S questions

    I believe we have our main beliefs in the most solid ten coins or so... There are some on ledger that I cant delete.... I dont want to waste your time, I will give another solid go and then if unsuccessful ask again. Thanks a bunch !
  12. HowardHughes

    Ledger Nano S questions

    I can't seem to delete some as they may have built in connectors ? I'm only trying to carry 5 on this wallet but can't seem to... Are any of you aware of any future wallets from these guys that have more options and room... Thanks
  13. HowardHughes

    Premium member prize draw: Win $50 of Litecoin

    Maybe take a vote out of the five of us, and if it needs to be drawn out for a while longer that may be a good option... They all seem like cool individuals and who knows potential outcome, hence the beauty of crypto... Dont know how to tag or would be all over that. Cheers bud .