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  1. NEO Price watch

    anyone tried the aphelion wallet? its brilliant and shows the combined value of all your nep-5 tokens too. seems to sync faster than neon and is fully compatible with ledger! I got 50 APH from the airdrop - this wallet has made me buy a whole lot more! new DEX coming soon.
  2. NEO Price watch

    Cheers mate, yeah that has me stumped too, i assume they will convert them into tokens but it seems quite high for a daily rate - though i think some just value daily activity.
  3. NEO Price watch

    New NEO airdrop coin - no ICO, use this link and get 15 extra coins. We all know how lucrative NEO airdrops can be ( not that this one will be but who knows! https://www.epnex.io/sign.html?i=00SOTbS
  4. Chris we need some desperately, Heck il do it for the times i log in. this chinese spam is out of control.
  5. NEO Price watch

    Apparently fair distribution model or something to stop just high neo accounts getting it all, but i really have not researched this much at all so it could just be a load of crap lol..That said look at ONT.
  6. NEO Price watch

    Found this on reddit - hope its true as i have 13k of these simply by luck, and down to switcheo! "Seems like an alternative and more efficient way of launching a smart contract or asset on NEO. Instead of spending 500 GAS, if you have 10k MCT you can stake the MCT and spend 90 GAS to launch an asset/contract. Also, and I may be wrong, but the MCT may be reusable for multiple contracts - something along those lines. By my math, 1k MCT has a value pegged to 40 GAS at a bare minimum without the reuseability factor. Essentially, if you sell your MCT early you will forever regret it because it was distributed equitably instead of the richest holders and you can bet that lots of people will pay a hefty price to get to 10,000 MCT. Edit: someone correct my if I'm wrong but 10,000 MCT = coupon to launch a NEO contract nearly free of charge. And they're not easy to buy. Anyone selling now is ruining their life." Probably explains why a new users first post was trying to buy some, lol.
  7. NEO Price watch

    switcheo token swap happening, I added the hash and swapped mine to the new tokens via neon wallet https://medium.com/switcheo/swh-swth-token-swap-39342759c18
  8. NEO Price watch

    No way, im hearing some wild predictions on value, apparently they will perform the same function as gas and can be used for smart contract deployments - and may have an implied value of 1$ each.
  9. NEO Price watch

    Thats very true, I wonder what MCT will be worth? I have 13k of them because i have two neo wallets! i sold ONT WAY too early.
  10. NEO Price watch

    Yeah not bad for joining telegram and adding wallet address:) i take nep-5 airdrops serious after ONT. Talking of airdrops anyone who holds NEP-5 tokens in a neo wallet will be receiving 1000 MCT for each token type held, got 5k today in neon wallet:)
  11. NEO Price watch

    I just have 50 aph from an airdrop, talking of airdrops have you seen spotcoin is doing an airdrop for SWH holders? (and efx, qlc and rpx holders)
  12. NEO Price watch

    Thats a sizable chunk of cash:) you still in crypto?
  13. NEO Price watch

    one dollar would be bloody great! nice result on the ICO for you:)
  14. NEO Price watch

    Anyone in Switcheo? I know the hype is for nex but switcheo has a working product and yesterday announced a website upgrade, the switcheo dex is pretty cool but version 2 will add much needed user friendliness. but its nice trading strait in and out of a neo wallet (im using neo tracker..) also added some tky, cpx and efx I threw 12 neo at switcheo for now.
  15. STEEM

    Ok mate sounds good, lets hope for more luck next time, nice growth on your account there!