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  1. neon wallet not loading

    I see someone on reddit is having exactly the same problem, glad its not just me lol..
  2. Anyone else currently having this issue?
  3. How to update neon wallet and ledger

    Direct from the ledger website - but they are currently out of stock and on pre order for march last time i looked.
  4. STEEM

    todays SP - 1,004.118 STEEM SBD earnings today - 1.02 SBD
  5. Today I sold......

    swapped 5 neo for NEP5 tokens RPX, DBC and QLC RPX got a binance listing, hoping others will follow.
  6. STEEM

    It could be for exposure, the only logical reason really, make himself appear a whale by throwing big money at each post and then getting lots of followers and upvoters who think they might get good curation or whale upvotes - they wont though lol...Its a risky game because all that has to happen is a competitor see and not like his upvoting, flag and it will drain the payout bigtime. No thats very true, and all can be reinvested either back into steem or something else, im thinking of maybe neo and then use that for neo ICOs coming up.
  7. STEEM

    https://steemit.com/steemit/@msteemian/steemit-and-steemdollars This guy has spent no less than 400, yes 400 SBD or $1200 on bid bots for this post, insanity - tho its quite funny reading the fishing for whale upvote comments that they wont get as his SP is nothing... The technical analysis seems to be it could go up, or it could go down.
  8. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    as an asset producing coin that was free im going to hold this long term for sure.
  9. STEEM

    It doesn't get any less confusing does it
  10. Ontology ONT

    Checked spam just incase? also i guess they will be verifying individually so might just take a bit longer
  11. Ontology ONT

    Really glad i did it now, thanks for persuading me to actually do it
  12. Ontology ONT

    Congratulations! You have passed the KYC for Ontology's first community reward event. Your ONT reward will be delivered to the given NEO wallet address before ONT gets on exchanges. After the release of MainNet in Q2 2018 you will be able to swap your NEP-5 ONT for ONT on the Ontology MainNet. Only when you receive your ONT on the Ontology MainNet will your ONT start to generate ONG. Stay tuned for further details via our social media channels. Thank you for supporting Ontology! ID check looking good so far:)
  13. STEEM

    SBD Earnt Today - 2.06 Current SP - 1,003.083 STEEM
  14. STEEM

    the good thing is a small portion of payouts is always in SP anyway so as long as you are active SP will go up even if all other rewards withdrawn:)
  15. STEEM

    delving into these bot upvote details shows a real look into the inner workings of steemit, The one thing with steemit is few people control the reward pool, eventually steemit may go down in a complete crap flinging downvoting war - with new users pushed away from even joining - however I think there is money to be made here - i also think putting everything in SP isnt maybe a good idea, So I will be making regular withdraws of SBD