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  1. shawy2510

    Today I bought....

    79 Strat, hoping for a good year
  2. Honestly the way its going it could go down abit more but in this world it could jump 20% in minutes.
  3. Not lost much but like you my initial stake is out so its all a game since so if it ends up losing then im not out of pocket. Although if it comes to the 3k mark it may tempt me back in with abit more money.
  4. shawy2510

    Today I bought....

    Hopefully it starts to pick up as it could still dive 50%
  5. shawy2510

    Market watch

    Could do with 1 more little dip as I now have £400 Fiat to invest then it can go back to the moon
  6. shawy2510

    Market watch

    Its at 8k at buying rate now?
  7. Not got alot invested but $950 yesterday in Stratis is now $550 I will hold though as its all free money as the initial investment has been returned. Going to sleep now & in a way I hope it keeps getting smashed so I can put £300 more into it at a very low price.
  8. shawy2510

    Crypto goals

    Similar to Lea realIy, bought my house 3 years ago & still owe 60% for the mortgage but I would love to get £20-£30k so I could put that down as a deposit for a buy to let property. It will probably never happen getting that sort of gains for me as I only have $900ish invested in Stratis which apparently big things are happening so you never know. Failing that buy more gold
  9. shawy2510

    Biggest crypto fails?

    Biggest mistake I have made was selling these at $0.20 on December 4th then 3 weeks later over $3.
  10. shawy2510

    Sea of Red

    Unfortunately nothing for me, I have 44 Stratis which is in the green & hopefully until it reaches $50-$100 before I have money to play with again.
  11. shawy2510

    Today I bought....

    Yeah I am having to do that as everytime I move from 1 coin to the next it always increases. I originally invested £1k & if I had kept it on each coin Iwould habe £20k+ now & all I have to show for it atm is £500 profit I have put £400 into Stratis so hoping that can go 5x or more in the New Year, if so it will be invested elsewhere.
  12. shawy2510

    Today I bought....

    Don't worry it can't be any worse than my mistake 3 weeks ago. Could have had £10000 but chickened out as it dropped off.
  13. shawy2510

    Coinbase down?

    Current price is £10000