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  1. New to crypto

    Welcome to The Bit Forum
  2. Reputation

    Thanks. I have updated the competition to make it a little clearer what a reputation point is.
  3. BBC ONE Right Now

    Was it an interesting watch? If so I will give it a watch sometime. Too late to become bitcoin millionaires, but still a possible 10-20x in BTC I believe. Crypto millionaires, for sure it is possible still if investing into the right crypto's.
  4. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    Value will be determined when it hits exchanges, there are 1 billion ONT that will exist so 10x that of NEO. So if they were to have the same market cap, price of an ONT would be 1/10th of NEO, I suspect eventually the market caps could be very similar.
  5. Neo holders free ONT air drop

    Wow this is nice goes nicely with my 1000 ONT that I got for subscribing to their newsletter so early. I do thing ONT will be a really good project and if Ethereum goes back up in value I am look to sell some of my ETH to buy ONT. There is no and will be no public sale of ONT. Will have to wait for exchanges before you can buy.
  6. NEO Price watch

    NEO went down all the way to <£50 yesterday.
  7. Yea crypto market is crazy, currently down about 50% of my portfolio since highs. But I think we are just in the final stages of a correction before reaching all time highs again at least I hope so. It will be interesting to see the prices in 3 months time.
  8. Today I sold......

    Feel free to start a new topic in the Cryptocurrency section before the “today I sold” topic goes too much off topic
  9. Today I bought....

    A small amount of IOTA. I will sell half on a price double. I think it is very easy for the price to double, it just needs to reach historic highs. Nice plan. Let's see if it works!
  10. NEO Price watch

    Maybe in BTC? I didn’t check the chart. But USD it’s not.
  11. The Coin Prices Pages have been updated: USD can be found here: https://www.thebitforum.com/coin-prices/coin-prices-usd/ GBP can be found here: https://www.thebitforum.com/coin-prices/coin-price-gbp/ Any other large popular currencies that members are using, we can add pages for if there is enough demand.
  12. Next coin to reach 4 figures??

    I thought ETH had already gone over the £1000 mark slightly. There is a massive sale on crypto at the moment, even ETH seems very good value for short term upside.
  13. I think we should allow these types of posts, but only in the announcement forum section and if they pay the 0.25 LTC fee, all proceeds will be used to run forum prize draws.
  14. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to The Bit Forum!
  15. This is the second premium member prize draw, we are giving away $25 USD worth of LTC. Exchange rate will be calculate at time of sending to winner. Entry is for premium members only, to enter please purchase premium membership from the store (discount available for first 50 memebrs who purchase premium membership) 1 years membership only $25 and currently only 5 premium members! So very good odds of winning a monthly prize draw! Competition closes end of January 2018. Enter your ticket number below..... @stackspot @Helpinghands @Lea79 @ImHere @HowardHughes wasn't much notice on this completion before it ends, so to make sure you are all aware of it, I have tagged you in, so don't forget to enter.