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  1. CryptoChris


    I am down a huge amount also, a life changing sum. Mum hinsight I should have withdrawn a little near the highs, it went up so quickly and I was even worried it wasn’t going up too fast. But you can’t change the past. I still believe crypto will go up again, but it might even take several years to go up again? If you look at historic bitcoin charts the same sort of price action has happened and then a few years later there is another bull run. So should we be buying more crypto now whilst it’s cheap? I am not sure what will happen in the future, but I think I will buy a little crypto each month, even if it’s £100 per month of NEO and hopefully it pays off in the future, I have pretty much lost everything I put into crypto in the first place so can’t really get much worse. It’s pointless to sell at such a loss, so I am holding and hopefing that NEO goes back up to £100+ a coin in the future.
  2. Has the bull market on crypto died, should we all have cashed out a bit earlier? Or is this an opportunity to buy more cheaper and hold long term?
  3. CryptoChris

    Hi guys 😃

    I can't see a lot of the older spam because my view is full with pages and pages of old spam posts that are hidden from public view but only I as the admin can see. The new settings mean that all new spam that I see and mark the author as a spammer, they will be instantly deleted, but as I can not see the older spam, if you come across any spam please hit the report button and I will delete as soon as possible.
  4. CryptoChris

    Hi guys 😃

    Yea the prices have had a huge hammering. In hindsight would have been good to sell at the highs and buy back. I am mainly in NEO, and I still believe in it long term, but I could just be sitting on a lot more if I had just sold a little and reinvested that money now at the lows again I am sure eventually prices will go back up to the highs and further again, but it might take several years? What do you think?
  5. CryptoChris

    NEO Price watch

    The amount of spam was crazy, I have had to disable authorised registrations on the forum, now each member needs to write in to the forum about why they want to join the forum if they would like me to approve their registration. Every day there are countless registrations, all of them spam bots or spammers themselves. I think crypto currency attracts these kinds of people. I am thinking about possibly closing The Bit Forum down and then just using the Cryptocurrency club on TSF.
  6. CryptoChris

    NEO Price watch

    I bought a little too the other day, only £500 worth and this time not looking to hold long term, going to sell on a price double.
  7. CryptoChris


    Hello, welcome to The Bit Forum!
  8. Because of the amount of SPAM on the forum recently all registrations will need to be manually approved, but they will simple be ignored as the majority of them are spam bots. If you would like an account on The Bit Forum, after registering you must use the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page, please state your username you registered with and give a short introduction about why you would like to join the forum, you don't have to write a huge amount, just enough so that I know you are a real person interested in crypto currency and not a spam bot or a spammer.
  9. CryptoChris


    Hello and welcome to the forum
  10. The forum is currently under attack from Korean/chinese boots posting spam on the forum, I am working on a way to try to stop these posts by hopefully implementing a feature that blocks all posts in languages other than English. In the meantime I am having to manually remove the posts everyday, and there is a lot of them. I can only apologise for this.
  11. CryptoChris

    Today I sold......

    Sold some ontology, hopefully it will drop so that I can buy back some cheaper
  12. CryptoChris

    Win a CryptoSteel

    Topic closed for entry. I will allow the last entry as topic was still open. Prize draw will be drawn soon.
  13. CryptoChris

    Today I bought....

    Thanks. I haven’t had much time to be on the forum recently. All spammers brought to my attention will be permently banned and their posts removed. I need to advertise for a moderator position as currently there are no other moderators here other than myself.
  14. CryptoChris

    Welcome to me

    Welcome to The Bit Forum
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    One more newbie

    Welcome to The Bit Forum