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    There's a tendency to think when the market is up and up it'll just keep going and the reverse is true. There's very much a 'it'll go to zero' mood prevailing right now. I keep seeing tweets like - 'i'll need (insert coin) to 10x just to break even' but in crypto 10x in a bull run is nothing. We see it happen all the time. I don't really understand why NEO has slipped from 5th to 15th though. Infact 2 of the best projects i'm in NEO & VET have taken a 40% beating this last week, 10% more than most. Human nature is also remarkable. Back when we were shelling out $80-150 for NEO we had no problem with spending that, now people are holding back incase it goes even lower. It may take a couple of years building a position, and it may not be as strong a run next time but it will happen.
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    Yes, for sure I think we all got spoiled by the Dec/Jan crazy BTC climb. I think what has happened is Crypto has turned from a get rich quick profits play into a long term hold. Look at me being all clever getting back into NEO & VEN at $35 and $2.30 but in truth, it doesn't matter where you put your money you would be massively down. Like you I think its pointless to sell at a loss so i'm going to keep what I have and add steadily per month. I think the next 6 months i'm going to try and position myself in projects that I think will take off in the next bull run (whenever that is)
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    Looks like the forum is kaput again but I know there are plenty of NEO holders here - just a heads up if you didnt already know MCT token is due to be listed on Switcheo tomorrow.
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    23rd August is the date that keeps being mentioned.... whether a BTC ETF gets approved in the US.... speculation is we dump if it doesn't so all of the above may be cheaper to pick up in a week. Or not... lol @Lubi29 that looks like my holdings NEO, ONT & VET!! Need to look into ELA.
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    I’m only in a small amount atm but it’s halved this wk. It’s crazy to think neo is only £11 atm!! These prices are what they were back when I started buyin in aug last yr of which I wish I’d bought more come Dec. Who knows when crypto will bounce back. Im with Metallica. I’m gonna buy more btc, eth, ltc and neo while it’s cheap and hold until the market recovers.
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    I am down a huge amount also, a life changing sum. Mum hinsight I should have withdrawn a little near the highs, it went up so quickly and I was even worried it wasn’t going up too fast. But you can’t change the past. I still believe crypto will go up again, but it might even take several years to go up again? If you look at historic bitcoin charts the same sort of price action has happened and then a few years later there is another bull run. So should we be buying more crypto now whilst it’s cheap? I am not sure what will happen in the future, but I think I will buy a little crypto each month, even if it’s £100 per month of NEO and hopefully it pays off in the future, I have pretty much lost everything I put into crypto in the first place so can’t really get much worse. It’s pointless to sell at such a loss, so I am holding and hopefing that NEO goes back up to £100+ a coin in the future.
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    No worries, i'm in exactly the same boat as you. I did the same with silver haha Also , with Crypto... I missed the run up in December. My first posts on here were asking if it was too late to buy BTC at $1800. The whole market is down... it doesn't matter much which coin you bought, most of the alts are down 80% and on reflection we should have sold them in early January for a profit. We may have to wait 6-8 months to see coins in profit again, they may not ever get back to what they were but there will be another bull run at some point so my advice is to hold until then but sell when in profit this time. It's what I should have done. e'g I bought 1 NEO at $145 and didn't sell at almost $200 because in Januarys climate I thought it was going to $500
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    Not unless you were airdropped it about 2 months ago, you were given it if you already held tokens as well as NEO. MCT has been trading around 1.1 cents each on Hotbit, which is a small exchange. Although I have withdrawn from there they are known for using bots. Many of us have been waiting for a legit exchange to trade it, waiting to see if its spikes in price. Prior to it being listed on hotbit I had seen offers on reddit of 1-2 gas per 2,000 MCT.