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    I sold 96 neo this wkend. FairPlay to coinbase, the money is already in my account (traded neo for eth on binance and sold the eth on gdax). Thanks for the partial house deposit neo team. You rock 😃.
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    Yeah not bad for joining telegram and adding wallet address:) i take nep-5 airdrops serious after ONT. Talking of airdrops anyone who holds NEP-5 tokens in a neo wallet will be receiving 1000 MCT for each token type held, got 5k today in neon wallet:)
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    Ah, you need to click the 'sign in' box above the daily login calendar thingy.
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    Found this on reddit - hope its true as i have 13k of these simply by luck, and down to switcheo! "Seems like an alternative and more efficient way of launching a smart contract or asset on NEO. Instead of spending 500 GAS, if you have 10k MCT you can stake the MCT and spend 90 GAS to launch an asset/contract. Also, and I may be wrong, but the MCT may be reusable for multiple contracts - something along those lines. By my math, 1k MCT has a value pegged to 40 GAS at a bare minimum without the reuseability factor. Essentially, if you sell your MCT early you will forever regret it because it was distributed equitably instead of the richest holders and you can bet that lots of people will pay a hefty price to get to 10,000 MCT. Edit: someone correct my if I'm wrong but 10,000 MCT = coupon to launch a NEO contract nearly free of charge. And they're not easy to buy. Anyone selling now is ruining their life." Probably explains why a new users first post was trying to buy some, lol.
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    Swapped to SWTH as well and found another 4k more of MCT in my wallet) will buy more EFX as I signed for pre registration Effect Force Mechanical Turk. Members will get small task to do and get paid by EFX.
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    switcheo token swap happening, I added the hash and swapped mine to the new tokens via neon wallet https://medium.com/switcheo/swh-swth-token-swap-39342759c18
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    Scripthash: a87cc2a513f5d8b4a42432343687c2127c60bc3f
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    Yeah but only for about a grand. I’ll proobably build it back up slowly 😃.
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    Lovely, just added hash and got 8k MCT. There is another airdrop if you hold 2000 SWH in Neon wallet you will get AVA token . CGE rebranding to AVA ( Travala.com) You can book hotel, later full package holiday and pay by AVA instead of fiat.
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    I am in from ICO, nice gains , let's hope for at least 1 dollar at end of year. They adding Qtum tokens in Q2 and Eth tokens in Q3 . Really easy and smooth to use.
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    Thanks for the bot upvote, its much appreciated. Don't know what to do though, doesn't seem like the individual in question is going to leave me alone, although they did for 4 days. Bit weird how they are just flagging me?
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    Hi, I'm a noob with bitcoin, exploring sites, blogs and forums to learn more. Nice forum site. Best regards.