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    Still not buying a thing till after tomorrows SEC meeting ......
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    If neo hit 50$ I will put 4 grand on it i think
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    Yeah, you mentioned it on 3 posts. Gotta be more subtle about your spam there mate.
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    I quick funny story of how I opened an account on Bittrex as I wanted to avoid Cryptopia. I invited myself in on a corporate invitation . Never in a million years did I think I would really get in but I did Got my ZCL at 60% more than I wanted to pay but think if I am lucky again it may go higher later. If goes down will just ride out the whole process and wait for Bitcoin Private as a long term position. If goes up enough (close to $300) I may sell half and keep half I'm an expert at changing my mind....the best
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    I'm expecting it to be double what it is now sometime in the next year. Most people would say that's conservative. Obviously... no one knows or we'd all be rich
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    Alright guys, Entered the crypto steel comp but noticed you need rep points. What are these and how do you get them lol. Noticed on the silver forum ive got 33 but no idea how i got them lol
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    Thanks everyone - very helpful. Withdrawals fee list good to know. Lessons learned: 1) storj expensive to transfer. 2) If you buy such a small amount, the transfer fee becomes significant (39% in my case). Guess I should have just held on to that remaining bit of eth.
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    Wow this is nice goes nicely with my 1000 ONT that I got for subscribing to their newsletter so early. I do thing ONT will be a really good project and if Ethereum goes back up in value I am look to sell some of my ETH to buy ONT. There is no and will be no public sale of ONT. Will have to wait for exchanges before you can buy.
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    I made the gradual switch to gold a while back. The only silver I have now that I wan't to keep is numismatic old stuff and I also have semi-numis like Rwanda Rhinos. The Bit forum, now becomes the Gold Forum. @CryptoChris will start tearing his hair out
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    Oh there's a crap ton of manipulation, I just dont get involved in any of the silly nonsense. I'm in for the free 4.5 Steem per month at the moment ... Steem was over $9 recently. Yep not a bad return in 4 weeks.... for approx $8707 you can get a return of $265 in Steem right now without that $8707 leaving your account. I'm not quite playing with the big fishies just yet Theres actually better APR.... minnowpowerup has a request for 289SP at 41%
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    So have about 1000 others Every coin and token says its the next Bitcoin or Ethereum!!
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    Just going to leave mine too and hope it all recovers. I just checked and thought I had sold one of the DCA bags but its actually dropped so much its moved it to the dust log
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    Everything about to get, as the kids would say... REKT Don't know what's the wisest thing to do.... with my bot, if I jump back into BTC I lock in losses on bags i'm carrying... if I wait it out they're gonna take a further hit but if I don't sell I haven't lost a thing. Just have to wait the 1000 years for them to bounce back!
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    If we are talking this month then ZCL & ETC.
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    Checking my bot this morning.
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    I bet they got his details from Companies House. Better off naming your crypto trading company something like 'Happy Magic Unicorns Ltd'!!
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    Well that's me been trading with the bot for exactly a week, so here's my results for anyone interested or maybe thinking about buying it. I'm sure I'll continue to tweak it and learn more as I go on. I started with a balance of 0.17 BTC, around $1800. After 7 days I've made a profit of 0.00842902 BTC, currently worth $100, which is around a 5.5% return on my initial balance. My worst daily return was about $7/0.3% and my best was today's $33/1.7%. Got to be pleased with that given the market conditions. It remains to be seen whether this will turn out to be a typical week. Will be interesting to see how the bot copes with big swings in BTC.
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    Kucoin have a neo to gas conversion. Saves the fees converting to eth or btc first. You on kucoin trumar?
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    So you've clicked the claim button and that has increased the number of GAS you are now holding, right? If you then want to convert GAS to NEO, you have to send your GAS to an exchange, sell it for e.g. BTC or ETH and then use that to buy NEO - there will obviously be fees involved and don;t forget you can only send whole NEOs back to your Neon wallet. I don't know if you can use Shapeshift to convert directly from GAS to NEO but there will still be fees involved and you can still only transfer whole NEOs between wallets. Basically unless you have enough GAS to buy a whole NEO after fees, then its probably not worth it!
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    Hi all, Thanks very much for your suggestions. I experimented around with a lot of different wallets, and finally found one which did the trick. My BCH coins are intact and accessible on the blockchain. This is actually a great relief to me, to learn that the problem was wallet software, not Bitcoin software. Here is the history of my BCH recovery, for anyone who may need the info... Yes, the original old wallet was an older Ledger hardware wallet. It was actually bricked in an attempt to upgrade the firmware, for reasons unknown. That was the motivation behind buying a newer Ledger Nano S and transferring all the keys. So, I downloaded the Electrum BTC wallet app, and used it to create a new wallet with the seed phrase of the original Ledger. That restored the BTC transaction history (and zero BTC balance), but still no sign of any BCH. Next I downloaded the ElectronCash BCH wallet app. The Electrum and ElectronCash apps have identical interfaces, at least to the extent I explored them, perhaps products of the same company? Anyway, I launched the ElectronCash app and OPENED DIRECTLY ("open wallet from file:") the wallet that was created by the Electrum app. After a warning the the wallet file would have to be irreversibly modified to a more recent file format, I click "OK" and after a brief delay the wallet opened. There were all the BCH coins/keys, ready to use. I learned a lot along the way, always good. And of course, I'm delighted to get back all my BCH, who wouldn't be? Case closed. Thanks to all who helped...
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    This was a nice sale from the DCA log. That's 1% of my investment in one go...
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    Yeah ive entered the ticket number but it says you need 3+ reputation points as well. Ive got none lol but dont know what they are or how to get them lol
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    Whats everyones thoughts on the current state of the crypto world. Everyones hodling and waiting for rje bounce back or you selling now looking to buy cheaper etc or just getting out full stop.
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    Yes, someone else recommended that to me as well. I should do more than hold, hope and pray!!
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    Everythings dumping today... i'm still up on initial purchase but I think if it was around this level closer to the fork i'd just hold through it and get BTCP.
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    All ok now. I joined their Discord channel and others were having a problem - think it was a PT problem.
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    Haha I’m a poor nurse working for the nhs. The reason I have so many is coss and Walton did really well so I swapped em for neo 😃. Good timing I guess. I’m gonna spend 10 on some gold and put 10 in the nex ICO when it comes out. Hopefully the price will double and I’ll take my 10 back out leaving me with free nex. I wont sell my gold either. That is for my kids or for a real emergency. And beside I like playing with it haha.
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    can't open this where I am and dont know if it'll work but try https://www.c-span.org/video/?440770-1/jay-clayton-christopher-giancarlo-testify-hearing-virtual-currencies
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    Bought Neo, Vchain, COSS got orders on ICX, TNT if it deeps more down.
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    I just refreshed my portfolio app and wow!!! What a dive! I’m so temped to sink in another 600 quid and get 10 neo.
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    I've just dropped another 2k into coinbase to buy, i thought it would get to $8500 yesterday but jumped in to quick at 8800, so sent 1k today to make up for my small error, might just purchase 2000 NEO if the slide continues or 20 million Tron
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    @Trumar there is new wallet 0.1.1 already update week ago.
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    This area still needs to be retested for the chart to be complete. When it's done we can look up again.
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    I dont think so. I think weve been earning about the same throughout the month. I am aiming for 1 btc this year so can only hope price stays down for a bit longer
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    Hi bitshark a true believer then Preach it brother john ! I will take another inspection Thanks
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    I lowered the 3rd level to -5.5 which has kicked in a few times. Everything in my DCA log now is level 2 or 3. Nothing much happening today with the rise in BTC but will hopefully clear out a few at he next drop.
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    That's the same for all Etherium based tokens.... to send them to another destination you need some ETH to use as 'gas'
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    Yeah, just keep them where they are. They're an ERC 20 token so you'll need ETH if you want to transfer them anywhere. Eidoo is an ETH wallet so just keep them there until they go up a bit in value.
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    Just found this welcome bit [emoji3] Welcome to me and thanks in advance for your welcomes [emoji3] Been here what feels like ages but it’s only been about ten days I’m a total newbie but learning quick wether I’m taking it in or using that knowledge correctly remains to be seen [emoji3] I arrived via Tapatalk , today has been my first day on desktop ! And phwoooaarrr its cool , lots more to see and play with , make sure you visit desktop site if you ain’t yet
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    Yes Neon wallet is good. Also works in conjunction with a Ledger Nano if you have one.
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    I believe this is what we were talking about yesterday - its from cryptognomes github - an auto-restart on a crash batch file https://github.com/CryptoGnome/Community-Tools/tree/master/ProfitTrailer-Tools/Backup-and-Auto-Restart Not much help if you're still having issues with Virmach though I guess! Had my best day today.... 11 sales for about 40k satoshis (all relative to account balance of course). I'm now running 8 pairs max at one time. I think I could pull more in with more BTC to play with and higher initial buy price.
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    Let's see what happens when I like your comments in this thread.
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    Should we break that lowest base at $9232 then my guess is that it'll be a fast move and we will have found the bottom. I can't see it dribbling down for much longer. Panic should set in near the low 9000s so if anybody is planning on buying then I would set your orders. The market might move too quickly to manually buy at the best prices. I think everybody is waiting for the 8000s and maybe below to enter and buy at volume.
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    Hi Metallica and welcome to The Bit Forum! People for years have been saying they've missed the boat, it's never too late to jump on board! Even when the BTC price was $500 people were still holding back from investing, fearing they may have missed the boat. The smaller altcoins such as the ones worth 0.003c could prove to be very lucrative if they do go up, if you do your research and find one with a good team behind it then it is likely to do well. Take a look at Antshares (NEO/ANS), that has gone up over 100% in the past week alone! It was somewhat predictable too! There are many Facebook groups and the response on them was always very positive about it! There were and still are stories being posted about how it's China's Ethereum for example. Any cryptocurrency that gets good attention online is definetly worth looking into, and when the price seems right buying a small amount to test the water. That said, Ethereum, Bitcoin and some of the other bigger cryptocurrencies can also prove a good investment. They are big because they are useful and actually being used by people. For them to completely crash is very unlikely and in the long term they are likely to continue on an upwards trend. Bitcoin right now is at an all time high meaning it may not be the best time to invest. Usually following a large price increase there is always a dip at which would be a good point to buy in. Ethereum on the other hand has been over $400, and at the moment is beginning to climb again. I believe by the end of the year it will almost certainly hit a new all time high. Gold and Silver are excellent investments because they will always hold their value, meaning they're much less risky, however the ceiling for how much you can make can be lot lower than with cryptocurrencies. Good luck with whatever decisions you decide to make and please keep us updated with how it goes!