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  2. Gotta do whatever is best for you. At the end of the day, it'll be very difficult to lose from here. I just sold 20% and set a lower buy order to get more ZCL but i'm useless at that and it'll do the opposite for sure now. You know if this really did tank to say $60-$70 i'd seriously think about getting 5 or 6 extra to hold.... there's a good chance BTCP is getting listed on Binance
  3. You can thank me later! I just sold just over half which gets back my original stake in BTC so it will probably moon now I think I'll sleep happier now tonight. To be honest if it does go up overnight I'll still make a good profit with whats left and I'm going to set some low orders just in case it drops.
  4. Someone on reddit said the TradeSatoshi withdrawal limits are very small so that will probably put any big volume holders off moving over there.
  5. Maybe not, but Monday would be 2 days out from snapshot. That's exactly the same time frame as BTG's fork announcement. Decisions, decisions. I may 'play' with 20% of my ZCL... maybe sell for a profit with the aim of buying lower if I can and if not .... oh well. I wonder if volume will tank if people move coins to Tradesatoshi? Personally I wouldn't touch that exchange with a barge pole and i'll just take the hit on ZCL by taking the time to move from Coinomi to Bittrex tbh.
  6. Are we really likely to hear anything from Bittrex before Monday? I don't think so. And there's nothing else that could really happen to make it pump before that.
  7. I re-entered with a little at 0.0115 about 2 weeks ago. No point me selling for such little profit. To me it's pure panic selling because of no Bittrex announcement. It makes no sense for Bittrex not to support this considering its one of the coins with the biggest volume on their site consistently. I mean they even supported Bitcoin Gold.
  8. And now a big buy wall appears to shut me up... ha.
  9. It's just not sustainable to go from 0.0115 to 0.0133. People will take some profits. I was out at 0.0119 (too early I could've trebled my profit) and I've set more low orders just in case.
  10. I wasn't expecting that bounce to 0.0133, I sold way earlier than that. I suspect it's going to drop a bit again from there.
  11. I'll transfer mine back to my Swing wallet if we don't get the Bittrex announcement on Monday.
  12. Have Coinomi confirmed they are supporting it?
  13. Eek, that's a horrible exchange. Like going to a dodgy neighbourhood to sell your goods! I think if we don't hear anything it'll be Coinomi for me.
  14. Its pumped a bit on that TradeSatoshi announcement.
  15. Braver than me... i'd sell and it would go up within seconds! I guess I should have sold some at the recent top with the intention of buying back in if it dipped.
  16. TradeSatoshi, a UK based exchange, have announced they are supporting the fork. Anyone heard of them? Their website looks a bit basic.
  17. Live Market Chat

    Too much going on and not enough spare cash sadly! ZCL, ETC, LTC, Monero? Got hopes on my VEN getting a pump on rebrand on 28th but guess that depends where BTC is at. I've seen several people say they plan to go from ZCL to ECT to MoneroV but I have my doubts about how succesful they will be.
  18. No Bittrex announcement so the impatient and the panickers are selling. I doubt there will be a weekend announcement so it could drop more until Monday. I'm tempted to sell half now with a view to buy back on Sunday.
  19. Wow, really weird. Panic about no fork announcement? Don't see why.... Bitcoin Gold was only announced with 2 days to go. Price manipulation for big guns to enter lower? Can't see any major news that caused such an immediate dump. I'm just going to hold anything below 2x profit myself.
  20. Ico your thoughts

  21. (Just a thread for what's happening right now) LTC on the move. Could be start of the Litepay pump (release Feb 26th???)
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