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    • Neurogress Initial Coin Offering Review

      Technology is moving fast. And one of the fields that has an interesting perspective into the future is neurological control. Have you ever thought about the possibility of controlling objects with just your mind? Neurogress, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is building a neural control of the world around persons.

      The main goal of Neurogress is to revolutionize the way in which people interact with technology. Besides that, Neurogress is trying to encourage developers to bring innovative new neurocontrolled devices to the market. 

      The Problem
      Neurogress understand neural interfaces are weak and do not allow individuals to fully control the world around. Neural interfaces can be keyboards, gamepads, control pads, screens and other physical interfaces. All of them are based on basic brain signals but do not allow individuals to fully use their capabilities. 

      The Solution
      The company proposes a solution for the weak neural interfaces. The intention, as we have mentioned before, is to develop a decentralized platform based on the AI driven software and user-driver algorithm training. In this way, the control of hardware and software will be easier and more natural than it has never been before. 

      Token Sale and Allocation of Funds
      In order to launch the project, 58,500 ETH are required. The funds will be allocated as follows:

      Software Development – 32.5%
      Administrative 9.8%
      Marketplace Development 10.5%
      Ecosystem Development 15.9%
      Support of development community 11.6%
      Consulting Services and Outsourcing 6.4%
      Marketing Campaign 13.3%

      NRG Tokens
      The company will be selling 100.000.000 NRG Tokens. The tokens will allow participants to contribute to the project development. The tokens will be used for purchases of software or devices in the marketplace, to pay for work of developers, to carry out contracts in the platform between customers and contractors, to provide services for writing additional software and more.

      Token Distribution
      One of the most important things when evaluating an ICO is to see how the tokens are distributed. In this case we see that half of the tokens will be sold. 

      10% will be invested in other blockchain projects owned by Neurogress 
      10% will be used to motivate developers in the Neurogress ecosystem and marketplace
      5% will be used to conduct additional Neurogress neuro-related experiment directions
      10% will be Retained as contingency 
      15% will be used to motivate Neurogress developers and members of the Board

      It is interesting to mention that the company does not directly say that they are going to use 15% of the funds for the team but they use the word ‘motivate.’ 

      Several investors are searching teams that would receive less percent of the tokens. More than 15% is considered centralized and not distributed. 

      The ICO seems to have an interesting proposal. The platform could be used by several individuals that need these useful tools in order to have a better quality of life and a wider control of things around.
      The team is young and enthusiastic, something that is highly appreciated in the market. It would be nice to have an introductory video as most of the ICOs have nowadays that would explain the key features of the project and token offering. 

      If the platform grows and captures investors, with time may be successful. In sum, a young team has an incredible idea with a project already being developed.