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Win a Trezor hardware wallet - competition

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WIN a Trezor hardware wallet.


This competion will start on Sunday 22nd October 2017 and end on 16th December 2017. A total of 8 competition weeks. Each week starts on a Sunday and ends on the Saturday.

This competition is to encourage good quality posts and to help grow our community here on The Bit Forum, it is also to give something back for those members who make really good forum posts.

Each week the members with the most reputation points ('likes' and 'thanks') will be assigned points, at the end of the 2 month competition period, the member with the most points will win the Trezor. In the event of a draw, the winner will be chosen at random.

How do I get likes?

Every time you make a topic or reply to a topic your post can be 'liked' by other members. Both 'likes' and 'thanks' count as positive reputation and count towards points. 

How are the completion points awarded?

Each week will run Sunday to Saturday. Competition points will be assigned to the top 5 members per week as per below. (Administrators and Moderators are excluded from earning competition points and therefore are excluded from the prize draw) We will use the forum software to determine the winners of each round. In the event of draws during the week, both parties will get that places' points. i.e. If there are two members who came 2nd in a particular week they will both get 20 points each.

1st place: 30 points
2nd place: 20 points
3rd place: 10 points
4th place: 10 points
5th place: 10 points

There is a total of 8 weeks. This means that there is still a good chance that a new entrant to the competition could win, especially if they have a very week with lots of likes. Don't forgot to share your posts and topics on any social media platforms to help you earn more points.

Runners up prize draw:


Everyone who enters the competition and earns any amount of competition points will have a chance of winning some NEO. 

All of the participants who take part in this competition and earn competition points but who don't win the Trezor will be entered into a FREE prize draw to win 1 NEO. This means that even if you were to join the competion late and earn just 10 competition points, you would have a chance to WIN crypto in the prize draw.

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1 minute ago, Crypto said:

Competition starting this Sunday!

Just tagging in some of most active members so far: @bitGuru @Helpinghands @Trumar @Lea79 @ToTheMoon @Techy @metallica73 @4Nines7Hills and to everyone else who enters, good luck in the competition!

Good luck everyone, remember tweeting your posts will help you in gaining points and feel free to share them in our telegram group https://t.me/thebitforum

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